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The North East London hyperlocal portal

TheEastEnder provides readers with easy access to a range of hyperlocal content focused around specific boroughs in a simple and easy to scan format. We seek to reflect the diversity of local independent voices and help them gain a wider audience by directing web traffic to them and so facilitate debate around local issues.


Aggregation is what we do and we take an ethical and transparent approach. This website is completely automated to harvest short extracts of unedited content from news and sport reports, online press releases and regularly updated blogs; sort by subject and date, add meta tags, credit publishers and provide direct hyperlinks Direct links to the originating websites where the complete stories can be read in full.


Copyright of aggregated content remains with authors and we reproduce extracts within the limitations and exceptions of fair dealing for the purpose of news and review. This website does not accept payment for aggregated links but does accept payment for advertising.


Privacy is respected. TheEastEnder does not collect information which can identify the individual personal details of users accessing the site, nor identify the personal details of individual bloggers aggregated, beyond what either choose to make public or actively provide. You can read how this site uses cookies here.


Your involvement as both readers and producers is important to us and we welcome your views. The development of this free aggregation service is largely dependent upon you telling us about new local websites and blogs which we may have overlooked. Please use the form on this page to tell us about your blog or recommend another local website for inclusion in TheEastEnder. If your blog or website does not provide RSS feeds then it is unlikely to be aggregated. You can find more about being aggregated in our guide for bloggers here.


Press Releases simply clutter up our in-box so please do not send them to us but provide us with a link to your website’s RSS feed instead.


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