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About us

Mark Blackstock
Mark Blackstock has lived between the West Midlands and Hackney for the past 30 years working in print and broadcast journalism. He established his first aggregation site, TheYamYam, in March 2009 so that he could keep in touch with what was happening in his home town of Walsall, and then set-up a Hackney version of TheEastEnder in 2012. Mark spent ten years at the Telegraph where he was managing editor of the UK’s first online newspaper – launched in November 1994 as Electronic Telegraph. He currently works in newspaper consultancy.

Tim Brown
Tim Brown is a freelance developer who built and maintains TheEastEnder’s infrastructure and oversees all technical development. Having worked in banking and national newspapers he is now a director of Careimages which provides a royalty-free photography library for local authorities and the third sector.

Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel is a freelance Yahoo! Pipes consultant who built and maintains the network’s feeds. Paul worked for a number of years running regional events such as the Ideal Home exhibitions before moving into IT.

SVG maps by Trevor Rees at Functional Design

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