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Man overboard 

11 Oct 17

Council CEO Kim Bromley-Derry has been re-arranging the executive deckchairs at Newham Dockside: A few weeks back I announced my new executive leadership arrangements which took effect immediately.

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Less than zero 

9 Oct 17

West Ham United has yet to hand over a penny in business rates for its London Stadium home, according to a report in London freesheet City AM .

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Resigning matters 

25 Sep 17

Forest Gate North councillor Rachel Tripp has resigned from cabinet .

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Spot the Difference (part 94) 

25 Sep 17

The draft Statement of Accounts originally published in July, which set off a furore once people spotted the words ‘written-off’ in the section dealing with the Olympic Stadium loan: The version being considered by the Audit Board/Investment and …

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Stadium latest 

11 Sep 17

A stone’s throw from the Olympic stadium…

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Not just a river in Egypt 

8 Sep 17

My blog post yesterday prompted a flurry of media interest, which resulted in the following statement being issued (my emphasis added): A Newham Council spokesperson said:  “The Council’s draft accounts for 2016/17 were first published on our …

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Down the drain 

7 Sep 17

Sir Robin Wales is about to flush £40 million of council taxpayers’ money down the toilet.

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Hey Porsche 

25 Aug 17

My heart goes out Beckton’s lead community councillor, Ayesha Chowdhury.

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Time after time 

15 Aug 17

By the time next year’s election rolls around 16 current members of the council will have held their seats for 20 years or more.

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Personal Trainer 

10 Aug 17

Assistant chief executive and alleged Labour press flak Douglas Trainer An intriguing and disturbing FOI request to Newham Council (links added): The newly promoted Mayoral advisor Cllr Patrick Murphy was the Newham Labour Party procedures secretary …

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Cunning stunt 

9 Aug 17

A quiet word in your ear, Sir Robin… If you were an electorally unsuccessful Scottish Labour politician looking to make a fresh start down south, where would you head for? Newham might look like a pretty good option.

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Letter to the Editor 

8 Aug 17

A reader writes Dear Sir, What on earth is going on at the Newham Mag? I had always thought it was the Mayor’s personal publicity freebie, distributed fortnightly to the adoring masses, and a snip at just £20,000 per issue.

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Holidays in the sun 

2 Aug 17

Every March the French mediterranean resort of Cannes plays host to MIPIM, an international property event.

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It’s all kicking off 

1 Aug 17

Virtual reality (pic via @NewhamLabourWTF on Twitter) The Newham Recorder reports that 30 local Labour members are threatening to take the party to court over the conduct of last year’s ‘trigger ballot’.

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Come dine with me 

26 Jul 17

Last night the Meydan Sofrasi restaurant on Barking Road excitedly tweeted that THE MAYOR OF NEWHAM, SIR ROBIN WALES visited our restaurant today.

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Email alert 

26 Jul 17

Picture from  NewhamLabourWTF  (figures from 2015) Following last week’s withering email from Dianne Walls , Sir Robin has finally found a willing dupe to respond.

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Massive attack 

24 Jul 17

At the last full council meeting Sir Robin launched an unprecedented attack on a small number of chairs of governors of Newham schools.

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Tory candidate selected 

21 Jul 17

Rahima Khan, Conservative mayoral candidate Newham Conservatives have selected their candidate for next year’s mayoral election.

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No such thing as a free lunch 

14 Jul 17

When the mayor was running for re-election back in 2014 he promised to ‘Continue Free School Meals for Primary School Children’.

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It’s a man’s world (again) 

30 Jun 17

The latest issue of the Newham Mag  includes details of the allowances paid to the mayor and the 60 other members of the council in the last municipal year (April 2016 to March 2017).

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Value for money? 

24 May 17

By Iain Aitch Is £4m per job good value for our money, Sir Robin? The recent raids by HMRC at the London Stadium (Olympic Stadium in old money) may have had some Newham residents worrying about their £40m investment in West Ham’s new ground.

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Election 2017 – your candidates 

12 May 17

The lists of candidates standing in the general election for the two Newham constituencies have been published.

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Stand up to racism – public meeting 

10 May 17

From Stand Up to Racism Newham: PUBLIC MEETING Defend EU Migrants – Keep Racism Out of the Election! Tuesday, 16 May at 19:00–20:45 Stratford Advice Arcade, 107-109 The Grove, London, E15 1HP (nr Morrisons car park) Speakers: Wiktor Moszczyń…

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Up close and personal 

25 Apr 17

A recent Freedom of Information request to Newham council From your Constitution, it states: 15.

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Broken promise 

4 Apr 17

The mayor’s 2014 manifesto The Newham Recorder reports : Free school meals for some primary school children in Newham could be under threat, a headteachers’ union has warned.

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Spin City 

15 Mar 17

Mayoral ally and ‘full-time’ councillor Clive Furness has circulated his Councillor’s Report  for March to local members in Canning Town North.

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Co-op cock-up 

10 Mar 17

Although you wouldn’t know from this picture, the second round of Newham Co-opertaive Party’s AGM was extremely well-attended.

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Wrath of Khan 

10 Mar 17

Cllr Obaid Khan, who was expelled from the Labour party last week, says that he has been the victim of a political witch hunt.

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2 Mar 17

The Guardian’s Dave Hill, writing on his new blog , reports that another organisation has declared that its vote was improperly cast in last year’s mayoral trigger ballot: A second organisation whose vote helped Newham mayor Sir Robin Wales go …

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Time for bed, sleepy head 

1 Mar 17

Councillor Aleen Alarice pitched up at Newham Fabians last night, paid her £7 membership fee and promptly nodded off.

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Khan out 

1 Mar 17

Statement from Newham Labour party: Following a two day hearing on 25 and 26 February, the Labour Party’s National Constitutional Committee has found Newham councillor Obaid Khan guilty of three separate charges of bullying, intimidation, and …

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Sir Robin re-arranges the deck chairs 

23 Feb 17

Indisputably number two In an email sent to all councillors this afternoon Sir Robin Wales has set out his plan to revamp the political leadership of the council and re-structure the executive responsibilities.

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Gotta Have Faith 

23 Feb 17

Councillors Hanif Abdulmuhit, Forhad Hussain, Idris Ibrahim and Mas Patel, were recently spotted meeting with a group of local imams in Manor Park.

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17 Feb 17

A forest of arms raising points of order (picture via James Beckles’ account of the meeting ) Last Monday (13th February) I attended the annual general meeting of Newham Co-opertaive Party.

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Fabian update 

1 Feb 17

The following statement has been issued by the national Fabian Society regarding the recent mayoral trigger ballot (my emphasis added): Since early December the national Fabian Society has received a number of complaints from members regarding the …

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Silvertown tunnel 

25 Jan 17

Councillor James Beckles (Plaistow North) on his blog today : Monday 23rd January it was our first Newham Labour Group after the Christmas break.

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Timing is everything 

22 Dec 16

Cllr Lakmini Shah, Cabinet Member for Children’s Safeguarding, was among those who discussed the future of the Carpenters estate last week Here’s a curious tale.

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No Mandate 

9 Dec 16

The Newham Labour party Trigger Democracy campaign has sent out a powerful email to local party members, telling them that Sir Robin has no mandate to continue as the mayoral candidate without a proper, open selection.

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Xmas cancelled – again 

6 Dec 16

The relaunch of the long-dormant Newham Fabian Society has been postponed.

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Party says no 

5 Dec 16

After the final set of trigger ballot meetings, the score stands at eleven wards to nine in favour of an open selection for Labour’s 2018 mayoral candidate.

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God only knows 

2 Dec 16

After the four ward meetings last night – all of which voted No – I tweeted that the trigger ballot score stood at 9 in favour of automatically reselecting Sir Robin and 11 for an open selection.

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Sunday Bloody Sunday 

30 Nov 16

Labour members in Green Street East received a letter yesterday cancelling their Trigger Ballot meeting on Sunday.

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Co-op coup 

22 Nov 16

Picture from @james_beckles on Twitter Last night Newham Co-operative Party  said yes to democracy by voting No in the Newham mayoral trigger ballot.

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As it stands 

18 Nov 16

After the first set of trigger ballot meetings, the score stands at nine wards to three in favour of automatically reselecting Sir Robin Wales as Labour’s candidate.

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Trigger mortis 

11 Nov 16

The Executive Committee of West Ham Labour Party agreed on Wednesday to submit an emergency motion to the London regional conference tomorrow (Saturday).

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Trigger democracy 

31 Oct 16

How else are you supposed to illustrate a post about a Trigger ballot? The process to select Labour’s candidate for mayor of Newham at the May 2018 local elections has begun.

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West Ham tickets – who’s getting them? 

11 Oct 16

From the ‘Knees up Mother Brown’ website: More than half the free tickets for West Ham United home matches distributed by Newham Council have gone to their own employees, it has been claimed.

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Temporary housing 

29 Sep 16

From the Newham Recorder : More people are living in temporary accommodation in the borough than anywhere else in London.

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Boundary review 2018 

13 Sep 16

As part of the government’s proposals to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 and make parliamentary constituencies more equally sized, the Boundary Commission has published its proposals for London .

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Latest crime stats 

22 Aug 16

The Metropolitan Police have released the latest crime statistics for Newham and they don’t make for happy reading, with a 4% year-on-year increase.

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