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Labour NEC asked to inquire into Newham mayoral ‘trigger ballot’ 

23 Jan 17

Nearly 50 party members in the east London borough want their national ruling body to examine claims that the process for reselecting Sir Robin Wales was flawed Labour Party members in Newham unhappy with the “affirmative nomination” process that…

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West Ham fans on film on their new stadium: a range of views 

19 Dec 16

Halfway through the season, some supporters of the East London club love their new home, some loathe it and others are just getting used to it West Ham’s move to what is now called the London Stadium, showpiece venue of the 2012 London Olympics, …

Has Pembury Circus done the London housing trick? 

19 Nov 16

A recently completed development in Hackney shows some ways forward through the capital’s increasingly difficult housing landscape Near my corner of Hackney, on bus routes I often use, stands a cluster of five new buildings that might be a bit of a…

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Haringey to welcome Syrian refugees as London struggles to take its share 

16 Nov 16

The north London borough’s decision underlines problems the capital faces helping those fleeing conflicts elsewhere Given London’s long and famous history of giving sanctuary to refugees, it seems strange that so few fleeing Syria have been …

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London health and care reforms finally emerge to face close local scrutiny 

14 Nov 16

Complaints of secrecy and by-passing professionals and patients have a particular resonance in the capital A report from thinktank the King’s Fund says the latest government plans for reorganising health and social care in England have been kept …

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Remembrance in London: poppies, their wearers and what they mean 

13 Nov 16

Small observations of the capital’s streets underline that the symbols and ceremonies of remembrance must not be used as a patriotism test Nine days ago, when the unappetising soufflé of Brexit press outrage about Fifa, British footballers and …

How Sadiq Khan has been tackling London’s housing crisis so far 

3 Nov 16

In the six months since his election, the capital’s Labour mayor has been pulling together the strands of a crucial policy programme It’s almost six months since Sadiq Khan became London mayor and opinion polls suggest that Londoners are pleased …

How many Londoners are switching from public transport to bicycles? 

21 Sep 16

Statistics compiled for the Guardian by Transport for London offer clues about the type and scale of changing travel habits in the capital The brand new Transport for London (TfL) board and its chair, Sadiq Khan, will on Thursday consider an upbeat …

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Financial plight of Lutfur Rahman petitioners is absurd 

19 Sep 16

Bringing a cool legal mind to bear on controversies surrounding the former Tower Hamlets mayor is costing those who made it happen dear News that the four Tower Hamlets residents whose election petition brought about the removal of Lutfur Rahman as …

London politics: Hackney just keeps on getting more Labour 

18 Sep 16

The party’s huge mayoral by-election win could be explained by helpful long and some shorter term trends Labour won a large and expected win in Thursday’s by-election for a new executive mayor of Hackney, following Jules Pipe’s appointment as …

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How to create London’s new ‘village’ communities 

27 Aug 16

The word village can cause suspicion when applied in London, but some of the qualities it suggests are important for new urban neighbourhoods Descriptions of London as a city of villages can be off-putting.

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How Ada aims to fill Britain’s digital skills gap from Tottenham Hale 

19 Aug 16

A social enterprise based in the heart of one of London’s poorest areas is determined to nurture young, local talent As London rightly celebrates another year of outstanding A-level results – the best in England , except for the south-east – it’s…

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London football: income, regeneration and muddy memory lanes 

13 Aug 16

The new Premier League season is kicking off in the capital amid familiar old conflicts between continuity and change Premier League football in London doesn’t only make money for its top flight clubs – currently Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, …

Sadiq Khan’s big city way could be Labour’s way forward nationally 

11 Aug 16

London’s Labour mayor is trying to increase the scope of what urban mayors can do in and for the UK generally Speaking to Sky News, Sadiq Khan has urged Theresa May to delay pressing the Brexit button – triggering Article 50, which starts the …

Riding London in the 1980s 

31 Jul 16

Attempts to make the capital more amenable for cycling have been underway for more than three decades New, high-profile events like Ride London and the intense debates about street infrastructure of recent years could leave an impression that efforts…

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London Olympics legacy: jobs, jobs and jobs 

27 Jul 16

The leader of one of the capital’s original Olympic boroughs believes east Londoners have benefited from the 2012 Games, thanks to local authority efforts There are prosperous views looking west from the roof of what was once the London 2012 …

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97 Lea Bridge Road: a case study of redevelopment in east London 

15 Jul 16

A housing scheme with a low percentage of affordable homes was helped along by Boris Johnson and is now in the hands of his successor as London Mayor One of the most ambitious goals of Sadiq Khan’s mayoralty is to substantially increase the …

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London housing crisis: mayor and big business in ‘furious agreement’ 

6 Jul 16

The capital’s urgent need for many more homes ordinary people can afford is recognised by major employers and City Hall alike People concerned about London’s acute shortage of the sorts of homes it needs are succumbing to report fatigue.

London road congestion: causes, effects and what happens next 

15 Jun 16

How will Transport for London and the new mayor’s transport deputy address the heavy pressures on London’s road space and the strong passions they arouse? London’s unhappy status as the city with some of the worst road traffic congestion in the…

Can Sophie Linden win London’s crime battles for Sadiq Khan? 

10 Jun 16

The prospective head of the new mayor’s police and crime office will bring her experience of successes and reverses in Hackney to City Hall Councillor Sophie Linden , the deputy mayor of Hackney Council who has lead responsibility for crime and …

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What will housing success look like under Sadiq Khan? 

8 Jun 16

The new London mayor’s deputy for housing has begun setting out how he would increase the supply of “genuinely affordable” homes If you want to get a lot of homes built there are two things you cannot do without: places to put them and money to…

London cannot afford a bus service slowdown 

6 Jun 16

Road traffic congestion is damaging the capital’s most important form of public transport with a variety of ill-effects All over Britain, buses are slowing down.

How will Sadiq Khan help London’s private renters? 

2 Jun 16

The capital’s new mayor is starting to flesh out some of his manifesto pledges in a key area of housing policy Sadiq Khan’s approach to winning his famous London mayor election victory suggested he doesn’t fight battles he cannot win.

Museum of London: Smithfield, Silvertown and suits 

21 May 16

Its planned move to a new location provides a reminder of the wonders that lie within the home of the capital’s history News that the Museum of London plans to move from its half-hidden elevated home among the bewildering walkways of London Wall to…

Museum of London: Smithfield, Silvertown and suits 

21 May 16

Its planned move to a new location provides a reminder of the wonders that lie within the home of the capital’s history News that the Museum of London plans to move from its half-hidden elevated home among the bewildering walkways of London Wall to…

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Mayor Sadiq Khan: some thoughts on what would make him a success 

17 May 16

London’s new mayor must re-define the nature of the job if he’s to make a real difference on transport, housing, policing and social exclusion in the capital The euphoria surrounding Sadiq Khan’s election as London’s new mayor is now giving …

Londoners, their marathon and their city at its best 

20 Apr 16

It’s not only a race it’s a great London event, as four Londoners looking forward to Sunday explain Joe Derrett, 41, is a moderate, rational, well-rounded human being, except when it comes to the London Marathon.

Wanted: ‘muscular, interventionist’ London mayor to boost ‘build-to-rent’ 

29 Feb 16

The boss of one of London’s most prestigious property estates wants City Hall to help expand and transform private renting in the capital London’s absurdly high and rising housing costs cause an array of problems for the city and a vast range of …

London mayor race: Lib Dems announce plans to fight road congestion 

29 Jan 16

Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon would increase the capital’s congestion charge and explore introducing a new zone around Heathrow London’s congestion charge zone would by made “smarter and more flexible” and more expensive to enter if the …

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London mayor race: redevelop City Airport, says Green Party’s Sian Berry 

18 Jan 16

She may be an outsider to succeed Boris Johnson, but the Green Party candidate seems determined to invigorate the debate about the capital’s future Green Party London candidate Sian Berry has unveiled a plan for closing London City airport and …

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If London’s poor are being purged, why are there more of them? 

22 Dec 15

The balance between the numbers of affluent and hard-up Londoners is changing in different ways across the city, but the overall numbers of those in poverty keeps going up It has become a received wisdom on the left that poor Londoners are being …

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George Galloway: if I was Jeremy Corbyn I’d want me to be London mayor 

25 Nov 15

The Respect Party candidate says he agrees with Jeremy Corbyn’s policies yet is relentlessly attacking the Labour candidate for City Hall.

London Bank junction to be transformed for cyclists, buses and pedestrians 

20 Nov 15

City of London planners have produced bold proposals for improving the “dysfunctional, dangerous and dirty” heart of the historic financial district The City of London Corporation, local authority of the Square Mile, is to close off the whole of …

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A small tribute to Tom Barry of BorisWatch 

7 Nov 15

One of London’s best commentators on the mayoralty of Boris Johnson has died far too young Tom Barry, founder and co-author of BorisWatch and related Twitter output , died earlier this week at the age of just 41.

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Waltham Forest ‘mini-Holland’ row: politics, protests and house prices 

7 Nov 15

Boris Johnson’s east London suburban cycling scheme is meeting strong opposition, though estate agents seem very keen on it It was a lively scene outside Walthamstow Town Hall: hundreds of people , young and old, female and male of many faiths and …

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Docklands Light Railway strike explodes ‘driverless Tube’ theories 

5 Nov 15

This week’s shut down of the capital’s automated light rail system shows that as long as London’s trains are staffed by human beings industrial action is a possibility Normally, any strike disrupting rail transport services is in London is …

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Jasmin Parsons and the troubled tale of the West Hendon estate 

4 Nov 15

When estate regeneration schemes don’t turn out as planned, strong local characters who don’t like feeling pushed around can come vividly to the fore There’s a framed photograph in Jasmin Parsons’s hall, one that football followers of mature …

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Desmond Plummer and Tory London, 1970 

11 Oct 15

The Conservatives were strong in London for a period from the late 1960s, but their roads policy was an electoral dead end Last Tuesday, 6 October 2015, I was a guest on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London show and talked about the politics of the …

Why won’t Boris Johnson let Uber break the cab ‘cartel’? Votes, maybe? 

1 Oct 15

Fellow free market champions can’t understand why London’s mayor is seeking to protect its black cabs against competition At the Telegraph, James Kirkup makes the case for letting customer choice resolve the London taxi war: If, as the cabbies …

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Whitechapel High Street cycle superhighway bus stop bypass is a mess 

23 Sep 15

One of the more conspicuous of Boris Johnson’s cycling infrastructure initiatives is doing little for the East End high street it has carved up Should London’s streets be designed for facilitating traffic movement or enhancing them as attractive …

London has embraced Uber but loves its black cabs too. What to do? 

5 Aug 15

A new survey suggests there is a future for the capital’s traditional taxi trade, but that its customers want it to adjust to a changing market place Last week, London black cab drivers made their latest protest outside Transport for London’s …

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London’s Olympic legacy three years on: is the city really getting what it needed? 

23 Jul 15

London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is shaping up and once again inviting the multitudes in – but is it helping to provide the kind of legacy the people of east London were promised? Some of the starkest images from the financial fall of Greece …

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Tower Hamlets: the rise and fall of Lutfur Rahman 

10 Jun 15

As the London East End borough prepares for its re-run mayoral election, what really explains the rise to power of the man who was removed from the post by the courts three months ago? Last spring, in a rare break from its love affair with Nigel …

Zac Goldsmith looks a potential Tory mayor but let’s see some policies 

9 Jun 15

The Conservatives have got their dream contender to challenge for London’s City Hall, but what exactly will he be standing for? He’s a filthy rich posh boy who thinks we should be kinder to plants .

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London results: rolling coverage 

8 May 15

The outcome of the election could hinge on what happens in the capital’s 73 seats, so keep a close eye on their results here 4.30 a.

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Would Ed Miliband really improve tenants’ rights and London rents? 

29 Apr 15

Are Labour and London’s councils on the right track to improving the capital’s fast-growing private rented sector? Like it or not, London is becoming more of a private renting city.

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A time for trust at Lambeth’s Cressingham Gardens estate 

8 Mar 15

Lambeth council’s approach to estate regeneration appears superior to many, but has run into formidable resistance from residents in one notable case The Cressingham Gardens housing estate in Lambeth contains 306 homes and stands right next to …

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London’s poorest boroughs once again prepare to make the biggest cuts 

23 Feb 15

However they are measured, government cuts in local authority budgets are hitting the capital’s most disadvantaged areas hardest.

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As Canary Wharf expands will more East Londoners enjoy the benefits? 

31 Jan 15

London’s newest major business district could employ 200,000 people in two decades’ time, but many who live near it are still finding it hard to join their ranks Twenty-five years after the completion of its hallmark Canada Square tower , Canary …

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Simon Blumenfeld’s East End of London 

27 Jan 15

The legendary writer’s 1930s novel remains a classic story of Jewish east London This seems a fitting day to remember and admire one of London’s most celebrated Jewish writers.

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