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“Pension Costs and Charges” – UNISON National Delegate Conference 2017 

26 Jun 17

I was tasked to speak on this motion 26 on behalf of the NEC at Conference last week but it did not receive sufficient prioritisation by branches and regions to be debated.

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Christian Wolmar on London’s zero emissions nirvana – can the new strategy really achieve that by 2050?  

25 Jun 17

In the week that the Mayor of London announced his new London Transport Strategy (out for consultation until the 2nd October – read more here ), come join us for a discussion and debate with Transport expert Christian Wolmar to discuss the …

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#UNDC “Why we need to build a new housing consensus for affordable and decent homes for all” 

24 Jun 17

This is the speech I gave on Thursday on behalf of the NEC about the Housing motion put forward by London Region and my branch.

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Court tells Government they cannot make Council Pensions funds be dependent on Boris Johnson Whims 

22 Jun 17

In a victory for common sense the Courts have apparently thrown out the requirement that Council Pension funds have to invest according to the political whims of the UK Foreign office.

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Grenfell Tower Fire – London Hazards Centre 

21 Jun 17

Hat tip Phil Lewis Chair of London Hazards in today’s UNISON NDC regional newsletter ” London Calling”.

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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2017 – Tuesday 

20 Jun 17

My Conference day started with a short jog up and down the famous Brighton beach.

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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2017 – Monday 

19 Jun 17

Comrades together picture from this evening outside the Holiday Inn Hotel in Brighton after the UNISON London Region delegates meetings.

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John Gray Fathers Day 

18 Jun 17

Lovely picture of my Dad, John Gray (left), my big Sister Helen, My little Sister Lucy, Me (John Gray) and our Grandfather, John Gray.

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Great Newham Get Together – In Honour of Jo Cox 

18 Jun 17

This afternoon I went to the Newham Woodcraft Kids Zone and Big Lunch Picnic in Wanstead Flats next to the Golden Fleece pub.

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Newham Council Response to High Rise Residents following GrenfellFire 

17 Jun 17

I have asked a UNISON colleague who is a very experienced Housing Surveyor to check on this advice and also asked the Council who is checking Housing Associations privately managed high rise blocks’ fire risk assessments.

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Democracy in the Workplace: Newham Compass Tuesday 20 June 

16 Jun 17

Shame this clashes with UNISON National Delegate Conference.

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International Day of Dignity for Cleaners and Security staff #JusticeDay2017 

15 Jun 17

Picture this evening from outside the front entrance of the British Trade Union Congress (TUC) headquarters in London of members of the SERTUC (South East Regional TUC) International Committee.

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The Great Get Together Newham 

15 Jun 17

All the events on one poster! Please share widely…

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Grenfall Tower Fire – The shock and the horror but East Enders rally to help 

14 Jun 17

Like everyone I was horrified at the news reports and pictures this morning at the fire and destruction of Grenfall Tower in Kensington.

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West Ham General Election day 2017 (we win) 

13 Jun 17

June 8 was not only a political historic day nationally but a busy day locally for all activists.

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UNISON NDC 17: Havana Club Rum Reception 

12 Jun 17

UNISON National Delegate conference take place next week.

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Some facts and figures about 8 June 

11 Jun 17

Hat tip to Dave Ratchford for the chart and figures below.

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Back to real life (but not for long) 

10 Jun 17

As much as I enjoy campaigning, it is has been marvellous to spend a lazy Saturday morning without worrying about deadlines, printing off walks, knocking on doors and dealing with the inevitable problems and frustrations suffered by election agents …

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West Ham General Election Result June 2017 

9 Jun 17

Picture collage from our Count in the early hours of this morning.

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Vote Labour Today – For the Many Not the Few 

8 Jun 17

Polls close 10pm tonight You do not need your polling card to vote.

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“Theresa May’s policing policy is based on a lie, says Labour’s acting Shadow Home Secretary Lyn Brown” 

7 Jun 17

Check out Mirror report “Lyn Brown has stepped in to replace Diane Abbott as acting Shadow Home Secretary – here’s what she thinks of Theresa May’s record on policing The past two weeks have been traumatic, and the nation mourns for the victims of …

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BBC Election poll tracker – Looking Close 

7 Jun 17

Looking close.

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What did you do in the 2017 Election? 

7 Jun 17

DearJohn If you’ve got any time on Election Day to help Labour you’re really needed in nearby marginals.

Blog politics

6 Jun 17

Please share if you want a free NHS or have a USA Trump style scheme that will demand evidence that you can pay before you or your family receive any treatment.

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UNISON “there for you” drop in Surgery 8 June 2017 

6 Jun 17

UNISON Housing Association Branch Welfare Officer Mitsy holds a surgery for members in the Resource for London cafe, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA every second Thursday 10-3pm.

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West Ham on tour in Spennymoor – General Election 2017 

5 Jun 17

Picture collage from last Monday when a few of us from West Ham Labour Party, led by our PPC Lyn Brown, went up to Bishop Auckland in County Durham to support local Labour candidate, Helen Goodman.

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West Ham Labour volunteers on Polling Day 8 June 

5 Jun 17

On Saturday I sent off my postal vote (see right).

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“No pasarán'” London will never give in to Fascists. 

4 Jun 17

I am not from London originally but have lived and worked here for the past 29 years.

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Why Vote Labour (5 top reasons if you belong to a trade union) 

2 Jun 17

(sent to UNISON Labour Link members).

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“Corbyn Shock Surge in London” 

1 Jun 17

Not that I would normally believe a word that the @EveningStandard says but hmmmm…

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General Election – next week! 

31 May 17

DearJohn It’s a week to go.

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Marks & Spencer close their staff pension scheme and lose £131 million 

29 May 17

MS pension surplus falls £131.3m due to DB future accrual closure Written by Talya Misiri 24/05/17 Marks and Spencer has revealed that its pension surplus fell by £131.3m in the year to April 2017 due to the closure of its defined benefit scheme to …

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Less than 2 weeks to Go! Forest Gate & Ilford North 

28 May 17

Picture collage from yesterday in Forest Gate and Ilford North with our West Ham Parliamentary candidate, Lyn Brown.

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Jeremy Corbyn: Standing together 

27 May 17

On Friday I was at the speech in London by Labour leader Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, relaunching the election campaign after the bombings in Manchester.

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Chuka Umunna Streatham PPC at UNISON Labour Link Mobilising Black Members Event 

26 May 17

Picture collage from event on Monday evening with Streatham Labour PPC, Chuka Umunna, guest speaker to a mobilisation event in our national HQ of black members sponsored by UNISON Greater London Labour Link.

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Pause to remember Jo Cox MP – Westhammers at “Arc in the Park” 

25 May 17

A lot has happened since Sunday, when UK political parties suspended General Election campaigning for one hour in order to remember murdered young mum and MP, Jo Cox, and to visit community projects.

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Re-elected to UNISON NEC for a 4th term 

24 May 17

I was really pleased to get confirmation on Tuesday that I had been re-elected unopposed as the UNISON Community representative on our National Executive Council (General seat) for a 4th two year term of office.

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Manchester Bombing – We stand together 

23 May 17

Last night I was just about to go to bed when I saw a “breaking news” email on my IPAD about a bombing in Manchester.

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Assaults against housing staff survey 2017 

22 May 17

If you work in social housing please spend 10 minutes filling out this important annual survey here…

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Campaigning in Forest Gate North & Ilford North 20 May 2017 

21 May 17

Yesterday morning I started off campaigning in Forest Gate North with local Councillor, Anamul Islam and activists.

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Newham Council AGM 2017 (The Selfie) 

20 May 17

This may not be very dignified but I do like this picture of some Newham Councillors after our Council Annual General Meeting on Thursday.

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“Why fossil fuel divestment isn’t the answer” 

19 May 17

Last month I went to a well attended public meeting on this topic in Forest Gate Coffee7 and a Chatham House rules seminar in the City.

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3 weeks to the General Election 

18 May 17

DearJohn Labour has set out it’s manifesto for the many ; now we have 3 weeks left to tell people about it.

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Re-electing Lyn Brown in Custom House & Forest Gate 

17 May 17

A great collage of photos from recent campaigning.

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School uniform grants for UNISON members – up to £120 

16 May 17

I am so proud that UNISON has its own Charity fund for members on low income or facing financial or other hardship.

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#RentersVote for #ToriesOUT 

15 May 17

This email I received below is interesting.

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25 Days until UK General Election: On the knocker in Forest Gate & Ilford North 

14 May 17

Yesterday started with my Newham Councillor surgery in Vicarage Lane Community Centre, West Ham.

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Alan B’Stard outlines the Tory plans for the NHS. “in the good old days… you were poor… you got ill…. and you died!” 

13 May 17

Lest we forget.

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National Express – 6 kids die but CEO still gets 7 figure bonus. Wtf? 

12 May 17

A sensitive and thoughtful commentary below by Tom Powdrill on his blog “Labour Capital” about the many governance dangers of paying huge “performance related” bonuses to Chief Executives.

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Re-electing Lyn Brown – Forest Gate, West Ham & Canning Town 

11 May 17

Picture collage from canvass in Forest Gate North on Tuesday evening, West Ham ward on Wednesday evening and a Labour stall outside the busy West Ham Station tonight (which is confusingly not in West Ham ward but Canning Town North).

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