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Communists, Masons & War: Forest Gate South Labour doorknock 18.3.17 with Lyn Brown MP 

24 Mar 17

Picture collage from last Saturday in Forest Gate South ward,West Ham CLP, London.

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Fancy being a Newham Labour Councillor Candidate? 

23 Mar 17

This should be an interesting introduction for local Party activists but I am worried that ordinary members may attend in the expectation that they will have at least a chance to be selected as a Labour candidate.

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We are Londoners: We are One 

22 Mar 17

I was supposed to have gone to the House of Commons this morning for a pension briefing but had to cancel due to a last minute clash.

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UNISON London Housing Association Branch AGM 2017: Secretary’s Report 

21 Mar 17

Today is the AGM of my branch (12-2pm and 6-8pm at the UNISON Centre, London) and this is my contribution to our annual report.

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Canning Town South Labour doorstep 11 March 2017 

20 Mar 17

This college is from Saturday 11 March when West Ham Labour Party activists came to support the local Party in Canning Town South ward.

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“Union reps are good for workers and employers and we can prove it” 

19 Mar 17

Check out TUC risks and link to Stronger Unions response to the latest nonsense from the Tax evaders alliance.

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One Housing Group raises rents for Newham key workers by 40% 

19 Mar 17

Tomorrow I will be attending this public meeting in the evening to discuss One Housing Group plan to impose new tenancy agreements and massive rent rises on a number of “key worker” tenants in Manor Road, E15.

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Greater London UNISON Labour link Regional Forum 2017 (and Eastern Region) 

18 Mar 17

Pictures from recent Regional Labour Link forum in central London.

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West Ham Labour Campaigning tomorrow – Keir Hardie Methodist Church 

17 Mar 17

DearJohn Sorry for short notice but below are our canvassing sessions for this weekend.

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STRONGERUNISON – NEC elections 11 April – 28 April 2017 

16 Mar 17

Reminder that UNISON National Executive Council (NEC) Elections are due to start soon.

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Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’: GMB union says it followed the rules as it affiliates more branches locally 

15 Mar 17

Check out Dave Hill’s website ” OnLondon ” about the latest twist in the Newham Mayoral Trigger saga.

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“Newham Co-op continued” 

14 Mar 17

An excellent account of the meeting last week by James Beckles .

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UNISON Community Conference 2017: Day 2 (& many thanks to Kevin) 

13 Mar 17

Collage from last week’s day 2 National UNISON Community Conference in Bournemouth.

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International Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2017 

12 Mar 17

Need to sort out and organise our Branch event for this year.

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Newham Radical SwimBikeRun Triathlon Club – a start 

12 Mar 17

Off message but back from gentle jog around Wanstead Flats Park, Epping Forest.

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Brexit Fundraising Dinner – Keir Starmer MP 30 March 2017 

11 Mar 17

Canvassing this Saturday 11 March: 1) Join Lyn Brown 11am Stubbs Point, New Barn Rd, E13 8JL (contact Rohit) 2) 11.30am, Custom House Library, Prince Regents Ln, E16 3JJ (contact Rokhsana) Our Brexit Fundraising Dinner~ Thursday 30th March (early bird…

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UNISON Housing Association Branch AGM – 21 March 2017 UNISON Centre. Keynote speaker Tom Copley AM 

9 Mar 17

Looking forward to my Branch AGM on the 21st March.

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West Ham Women’s Forum Councillor Training and AGM 

8 Mar 17

Hat tip West Ham Labour blog on Women’s International Day.

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OPINION: Community Links life-president Kevin Jenkins wonders how Newham can maintain services on a council tax freeze 

7 Mar 17

This article was in last weeks local Newspaper, the “Newham Recorder”.

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STRONGERUNISON – NEC Election 2017 – Regional Seats 

6 Mar 17

Recommendations for Regional UNISON NEC seats.

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Newham ditches LOBOs pledging £94m in savings 

5 Mar 17

This has been one of the most popular stories on the Local Government finance website Room 151 recently .

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“New Tory White Paper – Putting Jobs & Residents at Risk”. Emergency motion to UNISON Community Conference 2017 

4 Mar 17

On 7 February 2017 the Government issued a white paper on the future of housing in England.

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STRONGERUNISON – NEC Election 2017 – National Seats 

4 Mar 17

It will soon be UNISON National Executive Committee elections.

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UNISON Community National Seminar & Conference 2017 

3 Mar 17

UNISON members that work for Housing Associations and the voluntary sector have an annual 2 day National Seminar and Conference.

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Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’: union confirms that affiliation fee not paid 

2 Mar 17

Check out Guardian Journalist, Dave Hill’s blog.

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“Executive mayors and one-party councils” 

1 Mar 17

“As a councillor for the London borough of Newham, I find the observations in your editorial (22 February) linking one-party councils and autocratic government only too true.

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“I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilisation.” Newham Council Budget meeting 2017 

28 Feb 17

This was to be my speech last night at the Newham Council Meeting on the budget.

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“Unaccompanied Child Migrants” Forest Gate North Labour Party Branch meeting Thursday 2 March 2017 

27 Feb 17

This is a flyer for our next branch meeting.

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Can we have a national DB pension scheme? 

26 Feb 17

My latest article for Professional Pensions .

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Be a councillor: West Ham Womens Forum AGM 6.3.17 

25 Feb 17

NEW DATE ALERT!! We’ve been struggling to find a suitable/affordable venue for our training + I now have to stay in the Middle East a bit longer for work 🙁 / 🙂 We’re still super keen for this training to happen as soon as possible so holding the …

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Hardship funds & Social care crisis: Proposed amendments to Newham Council Budget 2017/18 

24 Feb 17

This is my proposed amendment to the budget which the Newham Council meeting on Monday 27 February 2017 should consider.

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An Evening of Palestine Solidarity – Wanstead Tap E7 Tuesday 21st March 

23 Feb 17

This looks interesting and just around the corner from where I live but clashes with my UNISON branch AGM.

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Angie Greenhalgh North West Female Seat UNISON Nec Elections 

22 Feb 17

“I am signing the Stronger UNISON pledge because I believe in doing what’s right for our membership, ensuring that we stand up for their right to be treated fairly.

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7 days to come out with new ideas about Newham Council budget 2017? 

21 Feb 17

At the Newham Council meeting next Monday 27 February 2017 there will be a free vote of all Labour Councillors on the proposed Mayor;s budget.

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Remembering Eric 

19 Feb 17

Last week there was a packed memorial and celebration service for UNISON President and London Ambulance branch secretary, Eric Roberts, who died unexpectedly aged 67 on November 24 2016.

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Labour Local Government Conference 2017 

18 Feb 17

I arrived in Coventry yesterday evening for my second Labour LGA conference.

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LOBOs “Newham to save up to £94 million on its debt portfolio” 

17 Feb 17

Well I never.

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“racist, spineless, uneducated scum” (Yep they are. I agree) 

16 Feb 17

I haven’t always agreed with everything our local weekly paper “Newham Recorder” has published over the years (or not published) but I totally agree with the comments below by its editor Michael Adkins on the foul and disgusting abuse my …

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Support EU citizens’ right to remain day of action 

16 Feb 17

Join UNISON, in co-ordination with the New Europeans and the3million’s in the EU Right to Remain day of action.

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Valentine’s Day 

15 Feb 17

Had to smile at the slightly panicky queue of men (including one women) inside my local florist in Forest Gate last night at round 7.30pm.

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Abiola Kusoro Black Members ‘ Reserved Seat NEC Elections 

14 Feb 17

“I signed the Stronger UNISON pledge because I am committed to taking our union forward in support of all our members’ interests.

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“Why we need to build a new housing Consensus for affordable and decent homes for all” 

13 Feb 17

This was my speech to Greater London UNISON Regional Council AGM 1.2.17 on our branch motion .

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Joining the Party by Rachel Finke 

12 Feb 17

Recently I went to the memorial service for Rachel and saw Jeremy Corbyn MP talk to a packed hall about this wonderful article.

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“On the knocker” for Labour and the NHS in Canning Town (and elsewhere) 

11 Feb 17

When Councillor Terry Paul (aka “Red Tel”) promised on Facebook “sunshine” for this morning’s Canning Town campaign session perhaps we should have looked out of the window first! A very cold and at times snowy Labour doorstep this morning in Canning …

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Dan Beard UNISON NEC Candidate Higher Education General Seat 

10 Feb 17

“My only priority is what matters to you, the members, not the demands of any political party or other outside group.

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Birmingham council leader brands LGPS investment fees ‘a national disgrace’ 

10 Feb 17

While I do not believe everything put out by the CPS (sorry Michael) I do think that my pension fund is being ripped off.

Blog politics

10 Feb 17

This is brilliant.

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West Ham Labour Update – Canning town, Copeland, Stoke, Brexit, Compass, AGMs…. 

9 Feb 17

DearJohn Canvassing here and away (forCopeland and Stoke by-elections), Brexit curry and Future of the Left debate…

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Redbrick on “Housing white paper: Government reinvents the wheel” 

7 Feb 17

Check out “Here are some initial reactions to the White Paper published today, having also listened to Sajid Javid’s statement at lunchtime.

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Mark Fisher UNISON NEC Candidate Wales Regional Male Seat 

6 Feb 17

“Pleased to stand as your Regional Male Seat candidate making sure we have a strong Welsh Voice in National Stronger UNISON” Mark Fisher Wales Regional Male Seat…

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