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See no evil, hear no evil: fiasco of the inaudible Hackney council public planning meeting 

9 Jun 18

MOST HACKNEYITES have never seen local democracy in action at the town hall.

Marks and Spencer churchy charity choice raises unholy doubts after Dalston opening 

7 Jun 18

The Reverend Joshua Zvimba, vicar of the massive St Mark’s church in Dalston WHEN MARK’S AND SPENCER returned to Dalston after decades away from Kingsland High Street, it decided to choose a charity partner that was local.

Pub world buzzes with stories that a multinational fancies a taste of a Tottenham brewery 

4 Jun 18

LONDONERS HAVE warmly embraced the concept of craft beer.

Motorcycle dreams: from Stoke Newington on a Czech bike to a brewery in pilsner’s homeland 

31 May 18

STOKE NEWINGTON biker businessman Andrew Almond is doing what the worst in-midlife-crisis Londoner can but dream of: riding a classic motorcycle across Europe.

Hope at last for youth club blighted by eviction as work starts on new premises 

19 May 18

WORK HAS STARTED on a block of flats and offices property that will include bespoke basement for a Dalston youth club.

Dalston hit restaurant Fed By Water sunk by water problem plans new venue 

17 May 18

A RESTAURANT THAT QUICKLY won a following for its blend of vegan food, Italian cooking, good wines and craft beer has closed.

Topsy-turvy voting in Hackney election as woman is allowed to use husband’s polling card 

8 May 18

HOW EASY IS IT to vote twice in elections? Very easy, to judge from an incident in Hackney in the 2018 local elections.

Clowning around: another year, another festival of idiocy as an old art form shows its staying power 

30 Apr 18

CLOWNS USED TO BE a highlight of circuses.

As arts come to the rescue of Hackney property buyers, others mumble: Gentrification! 

27 Apr 18

Boys with guitars: the Hackney Arts Centre in its planned reincarnation JUST AS FALLING property prices around London start to hit in Hackney, along comes a cultural scheme bound to add to the appeal of the area.

A support group re-emerges to help living victims of the deadly postcode rivalries in Hackney 

23 Apr 18

A GROUP TO HELP PEOPLE affected by knife crime, has been relaunched   by a charity created in memory of a 19-year-old trainee plumber stabbed to death in 2015.

I planted a tiny garden in Dalston — and it became a TV star. (Me, I’m not holding my breath) 

21 Apr 18

On a whim, Mike Spezzano entered his crazily exotic courtyard plot in a BBC garden contest.

Hackney council admits its no-car policy for new developments has to be repaired 

15 Apr 18


Marks and Spencer calls on a Hackney pirate girl to snip the silk for a grand Dalston opening 

10 Apr 18

AN 11-year-old Hackney schoolgirl will officially open the Marks and Spencer Foodhall next to Dalston Kingsland tomorrow morning.

What a Freemason openness drive revealed about Hackney planning councillors: a mason-free zone 

6 Apr 18

THE FREEMASONS have an image problem.

Will M and S Foodhall spark a boost for Dalston, even lead to the return of the department store? 

3 Apr 18

Inside job: Marks and Sparks Foodhalls appeal to a wider age range than the company’s legendary department stores PUSH YOUR WAY THROUGH the crowd that Marks and Spencer hopes will mill about in Kingsland High Street next Wednesday and you may …

The carnivore is over: hipster Hackney to lead world in getting citizens to give up meat, diary and fish 

1 Apr 18

HACKNEY COUNCIL WORKERS queueing for breakfast in the staff canteen yesterday were shocked to find meat and fish off the menu.

Drama down the Ditch: two Edinburgh hits coming to the town hall saved as an arts centre 

29 Mar 18

FROM THE OUTSIDE, SHOREDITCH town hall looks the kind of grey and dull, you-better-be-impressed building typical of the Victorian age.

Ghostly visitor spooks concert as it haunts pianist in ancient mansion near a Hackney graveyard 

27 Mar 18

Cheeky balloon starts to bob up and down in time with the music THE PIANIST was well into the notoriously hard-to-play piano composition when concert-goers noticed a balloon eerily descending towards him.

Hackney, where more children avoid the dentist than anywhere else, says a survey 

21 Mar 18

MORE THAN HALF of the children living in England, 42%, do not visit a dentist even once a year, despite its being free for under-18s.

Another park shock as Hackney again comes up against the power of property dealers 

14 Mar 18

So inoffensively designed that their mildness overwhelms the otherwise-striking church HACKNEY COUNCIL’S HOUSING POLICY is coming under increasing criticism as developers encroach on the borough’s open spaces, said to comprise more than any other…

Home-seeking Syrian refugees and helpers get a meaningful offer from Islington council 

8 Mar 18

GREAT NEWS FOR Syrian refugees and for the many people in northeast London who want to help them: Islington council is to give residents financial help to offer accommodation.

Go East, young hipster, Hackney and around is the hotspot the property market is moving to 

1 Mar 18

WHAT MILLENNIALS SAY about gentrification and what they do are not necessarily connected.

Bleedin’ ’eck, oozing burger gets its tasting trial with the public in a Dalston vegan restaurant 

24 Feb 18

SUCH WAS THE promotion of the supposedly first vegan burger to “bleed” that queues were likely at the launch in Dalston.

Hackney’s Hipster line leaves London muggers behind as it extends weekend night services 

24 Feb 18

The link between north and southeast London has been seized on by millennials THE EXTENDED all-night weekend service on the slick railway that links Dalston with parts north and south has been so popular with millennials it has kept crime at bay.

The extraordinary story of how one woman set up a Shoreditch social enterprise by seeking out positivity 

21 Feb 18

Ruth Rogers reveals how she started a business from zero.

Toad’ll-oo, tickety-boo! Hackney Today will be there for you — still fortnightly, despite press protests 

13 Feb 18

HACKNEY TODAY, the freesheet that claims a circulation of more than 100,000, is winning its fight for the right to publish fortnightly.

East End entrepreneurs find money in Muslim dating: an app that can lead to love and marriage 

8 Feb 18

Kicking on: Muslim boys playing on a reserved court at London Fields in Hackney WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT there’d be money in a dating agency for Muslims.

Play up, play the game: subteens at a Stokey school learn how to figure the numbers that count 

3 Feb 18

WHEN DIANE ABBOTT heard that a school in Stoke Newington was devising a play as a way to explain the world of finance, she just had to see it.

A tiny theatre down a market street in Hoxton is something for Hackney to shout about 

24 Jan 18

How it used to be: women dancing for “trade” in the mid-1800s HOXTON HALL is one of the delights of Hackney that deserves to be better-known.

Lots of hope in the Rio report, less in the figures provided by the Dalston cinema bosses and board 

23 Jan 18

THE RIO CINEMA’S MANY FANS will be hoping the long-awaited second screen is getting the Dalston community organisation into shape.

How London’s police saved two visitors from abroad when a night out went wrong in Dalston 

22 Jan 18

SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is likely to be watching us on CCTV, making Londoners among the most surveilled people in the world.

Hackney builds a new era on the ruins of a Thatcherite privatisation policy 

18 Jan 18

A MULTIMILLION-POUND project to ease Hackney’s housing crisis is about to go to the next stage: shovels and cement.

Stamford Hill Jewish schools are winning their battle to keep modernity at bay 

17 Jan 18

ULTRA-ORTHODOX JEWS in Hackney who shield their male children from the national curriculum can relax.

Thieves rob a Hackney playground for disabled children. And it’s in danger of closure 

15 Jan 18

So far, no return of anything THIS CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND is so fed up with being robbed it is trying to appeal to the consciences of the thief or thieves who have been burglaring the venue.

Cheer up, sleepy dreamy, Blue Monday may have an East End surprise coming your way 

12 Jan 18

PSST, WANT A FREE BOOK? Nah, mate, it’s kosher, straight up, a real kushti read for nuffink, knowwhaddImean? Hackney publisher Hoxton Mini Press (HMP) is to give away to blreay-eyed commuters 1,500 copies of a reprint that arrived from the printer …

Wreathed in glory, happiness and jollity… or homely Christmas competitiveness in Hackney? 

5 Jan 18

Creative HANGING A CHRISTMAS WREATH on your door is like a henna tattoo: it adds colour and decoration but is not permanent.

Docklands commuters get their station back — and soon it will be bigger and better, says TfL 

4 Jan 18

CUSTOM HOUSE DLR station is to reopen, almost a year since it closed for work to modernise it and link it better to a new line.

London Fields Lido: sink or swim for refurbished pool as watershed moment approaches 

3 Jan 18

California dreaming’: new outdoor showers fit with the West Coast art-deco look LOVING DALSTON was given a sneak preview of London Fields Lido this morning, a day before it is officially due to open.

Reopening in weeks: London Fields Lido. Swimmers can again enjoy this great pool 

22 Dec 17

THE LIDO IS to reopen on Thursday 4 January 2018 after delays that continually distressed swimmers and embarrassed owner Hackney council.

Another Happy Hackney Christmas Day: best guide to pubs open around the area this year 2017 

20 Dec 17

IF THESE WORDS sound familiar, it could be that you read more or less the same in 2016 because every year Loving Dalston publishes a guide to Christmas Day pub openings in and around Hackney.

Art or act? Does it matter? Miss Valentina takes you on a journey starting at a Whitechapel library 

13 Dec 17

THANK HEAVEN for the Arts Council .

A heartwarming Hackney Christmas story 

11 Dec 17

SOMETIMES a chance encounter can lead to good things, as when young  entrepreneur Karun Chhokar happened to talk to a homeless man near Liverpool Street station.

These free courses in East London could be the business for you and your great adventure 

8 Dec 17

GOT A GREAT BUSINESS IDEA or having trouble with your present project? If you need advice, a new help scheme looks like a good deal to help with your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Pizza legal action as Italians clash over Stoke Newington restaurant made famous by Hollywood 

4 Dec 17

NORTHEAST LONDON’S hottest restaurant launch in years has been followed only months later by a dispute so tasty it will make lawyers salivate just thinking about the likely fat fees.

Violence erupts in Kingsland High Street after row with cops about payment of a bus fare 

3 Dec 17

EIGHT POLICE OFFICERS were hurt in Kingsland High Street after a teenager refused to pay a bus fare on Friday evening 1 December 2017.

All hope for Haggerston Baths has drained as Hackney sells lease to an equity fund 

29 Nov 17

Boxy: the retail units on the left wall of the former hall will be container-style Ahoy! Plug’s been pulled on the baths “NEW TENANT FOR HAGGERSTON Baths” was the dull title of an important Hackney council press release.

Christmas approaches: in East London you can make it a time to give of your time to others 

23 Nov 17

CHRISTMAS IS a time of giving and here’s an easy way to give a little yet get a lot of satisfaction.

Open up! This door is essential — yet was somehow left out of a Hackney council rental property 

20 Nov 17

THIS PICTURE SHOWS the door that has cost council taxpayers almost half a million pounds in lost revenue.

London Fields Lido to reopen in ‘several weeks’: preposterous panic claim by Hackney council 

19 Nov 17

LONDON FIELDS LIDO could reopen in several weeks, according to Hackney council.

How you can play an easy part in a contest at Clapton to find a new clutch of talented Londoners 

15 Nov 17

Judging: Ali Bastian Jermain Jackman: won in 2012 LONDON IS RICH in theatrical and musical talent especially, for some reason, the northeast part of this city.

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