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Films of the Year 2017 

7 Jan 18

Somewhat belatedly (because I am abroad), this is my annual list of films I’ve watched in 2017 and, in keeping with the close of every year since 2003, it’s time to review the ones I’ve seen over the last twelve months.

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Films of the Year 2016 

20 Dec 16

We are drawing closer to the end of 2016, one of the worst years in living memory: the year of Trumpian fascism, Europe-wide xenophobia and the deaths of so many inspirational figures in music and cinema.

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A Year in Film 2015 

1 Jan 16

As 2015 draws to a close, I’m back for an increasingly rare update to this blog and, in keeping with the previous 12 years, to review the films I’ve seen over the last twelve months.

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The Clapton Ultras v Strike! 

25 Sep 15

This article appears in the current edition of Strike! A football club where minorities not only feel welcome, but get involved, can never really be a bad thing, no matter how much gushing, middle-class wankery gets written about them.

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Newham Labour nominates the ‘Prevent’ candidate for London Assembly selection battle 

18 Jul 15

There were extraordinary scenes at East Ham Labour Party last Thursday evening, as a veritable chorus line of the usual party loyalists stepped up to support Newham councillor Unmesh Desai (right), Cabinet Member for Crime and Anti Social Behaviour.

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Newham Mayor Guilty of Breaching Members Code of Conduct 

30 Jan 15

Public accountability proceeds, it seems, at its own solemn pace.

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A Year in Film 2014 

31 Dec 14

As 2014 draws to a close, it is time once again, in keeping with the previous eleven years, to review the films I’ve seen over the last twelve months.

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Newham, Sprung 

24 May 14

The local elections In Newham are over and the result, once again, is No Overall Surprise: Sir Robin Wales is back as Mayor after 12 years in power and every councillor is still a Labour representative.

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Whatever Happened to the ‘Newham Revolution’? 

23 Apr 14

At a local event last week, I found myself making small talk with one of Newham Labour’s candidates for councillor positions at this May’s elections.

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Local Police Back Out of Radio Debate With Newham Monitoring Project 

18 Apr 14

Yesterday I joined the Director of Newham Monitoring Project , Estelle du Boulay, on local community radio station NuSound Radio 92FM , which is based at Durning Hall in Forest Gate, to discuss policing in Newham.

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Proudly Anti-Fascist – An Open Letter to Clapton FC’s Chief Executive 

21 Mar 14

Yesterday, Forest Gate based amateur football club Clapton FC posted a statement from its chief executive Vince McBean on its website saying that “over the last 48 hours” it had “received several emails from individuals stating their concerns …

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Olympic Domestic Extremist – An Interview on NuSound Radio 

13 Feb 14

This is an interview I gave today to Pete Day of east London community radio station NuSound 92FM, on the recent release of my ‘domestic extremist’ police surveillance file.

Secret Diary of an Olympic Domestic Extremist 

5 Feb 14

This article first appeared on the Network for Police Monitoring website After reports in June last year that Newham Monitoring Project, the east London community group I’ve been part of for over 20 years, was spied on during the 1990s by undercover …

A Year in Film 2013 

31 Dec 13

The close of 2013 approaches and, in keeping with previous years, it is time to review the films I’ve seen over the last twelve months.

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