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River Lea Oil Spill: Authorities must adopt a new approach to prevent future disasters 

14 Mar 18

– AN OPEN LETTER TO – Government and Opposition: Environment Agency: • Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive • Dr Toby Willison, Executive Director of Operations • Sarah Chare, Director Operations South East • Simon Hawkins, Deputy Director …

Countryside Live: It’s Not That Wild! 

9 Mar 18

In 2012, following more than a year of local opposition, the “temporary” Olympic Basketball Training Facility, stood, fenced and controlled by security guards, like an open prison.

Our response to the LVRPA’s draft Biodiversity Action Plan 

18 Feb 18

Since its inception, Save Lea Marshes has banged on the LVRPA’s door and asked to join conversations about how the marshes are managed.

What happened to our money? 

8 Feb 18

Following the takeover of Leyton Marsh by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) for the construction of the absurd and rarely used temporary basketball arena, which was vigorously opposed by members of the local community and resulted in the creation …

Our Official Response to the New Local Plan: Direction of Travel 

22 Dec 17

Dear London Borough of Waltham Forest We are writing in response to your ‘New Local Plan – Direction of Travel’ document and the response it has elicited from the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA).

A personal response to the London Borough of Waltham Forest’s New Local Plan – Direction of Travel consultation 

13 Dec 17

A local plan is a plan for the future development of the local area, drawn up by the Local Planning Authority.

Cow Bridge, Hackney Marshes: An Accident Waiting to Happen? 

10 Dec 17

Back in 2011/2012, before they were given permission to build the new pavilion at Hackney North Marsh, Hackney Council carried out two ‘risk assessments’ at Cow Bridge.

London Borough of Waltham Forest is preparing a new local plan 

3 Dec 17

A local plan is a plan for the future development of the local area, drawn up by the Local Planning Authority.

Wetlands Licence 

16 Oct 17

Whilst we look forward to the upcoming opening of the Wetlands, we are disappointed to hear that the application for an extensive entertainment licence has been granted there and we expect the London Wildlife Trust to put wildlife before human …

Help Crowd Fund Legal Case to Stop Waterworks Sell Off 

15 Sep 17


Community Picnic 20th August 

2 Aug 17

Join us for a picnic! Save Lea Marshes is organising a picnic on Sunday 20 August, from midday, on the open green space in front of the entrance to the Waterworks Centre.

A Victory Followed By Worrying Developments 

11 Jul 17

We are pleased that the decision to refuse the car wash has been upheld and what’s more on grounds which uphold the legal protections for Metropolitan Open Land (MOL).

Car Wash: Appeal Dismissed by Planning Inspectorate 

8 Jul 17

The cordoned off car wash at Leyton Marshes car park, on Lea Bridge Road.

Amended Lea Valley Eastside Vision waved through by Cabinet 

20 Jun 17

The Cabinet at the London Borough of Waltham Forest have waved through the amended Lea Valley Eastside Vision.

Planning Application Finally Submitted for Free Schools on MOL 

24 May 17

A planning application has finally been submitted for two ‘free’ schools run by an Academy chain on Lea Bridge Road.

Car Wash Appeals Planning Decision: Please Act! 

3 May 17

The London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) refused planning permission for a car wash on Metropolitan Open Land near the Lee Valley Ice Rink.

Beating of the Bounds 2017! 

24 Apr 17

The late great Katy Andrews leading the Beating of the Bounds ceremony.

Proof that the LVRPA have long planned to sell off land to fund the new ice rink 

24 Mar 17

We suspected the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) was lying when Shaun Dawson, the Chief Executive, and Paul Osborne, the Chairman, told us, on 19 January 2017, that there has been no decision to sell of the land around the Waterworks …

Goodbye T46 

20 Feb 17

On Hackney Marsh the poplars stand forlorn – The dingy old pavilion built of bricks Dilapidated – pot-holed carpark.

Waltham Forest Council Refuse To Debate Waterworks Development 

15 Feb 17

Council refuse to debate issues raised by Leyton Marshes petition in Full Council Meeting If a petition reaches 4000 signatures Waltham Forest Council say they will debate it in Full Council.

LVRPA Officially Respond to ‘Eastside Vision’: Conceding Little Ground on Waterworks Plans 

3 Feb 17

The day after we handed in our large petition to Waltham Forest Council, we received a copy of the official letter that has been written by Shaun Dawson, Chief Executive of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, to the council regarding the plans …

A ‘Consensus’ Without a Vote: How the LVRPA Waved Through Selling Off Waterworks 

27 Jan 17

Around 15 objectors attended the special meeting of the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority to consider Waltham Forest’s Eastside Vision document which included the proposal to build housing on the Waterworks site at Leyton Marsh.

Update on Decisions by LVRPA re Waterworks 

19 Jan 17

The Land and Property Strategy that over two hundred people had asked the Authority Members to oppose passed today, without a vote being taken on the issue, as the Chair argued none was required.

Lee Valley Park Plan to ‘Dispose of’ Waterworks To Fund New Ice Centre! 

12 Jan 17

Up until today we thought the plans to rezone part of Leyton Marshes for housing came from Waltham Forest Council, and were hoping that the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) – the organisation that owns the land on our behalf – would …

Stop Council’s Plan to Build Flats on Leyton Marshes 

18 Dec 16

Please sign this petition against Waltham Forest’s proposals to build flats on the Waterworks, Leyton Marshes: https://you.38degrees.

Victory: Polluting Car Wash on Leyton Marsh Refused Permission! 

21 Nov 16

We are delighted to announce that Waltham Forest Council has refused to give permission for the car wash on Leyton Marsh, constructed prior to planning approval, due to its contravention of local policy and the fact it is an inappropriate development…

Our Campaigns Work – Be Part of Them! 

14 Nov 16

It is certainly a difficult political environment for protecting open public spaces and it would be easy to become overwhelmed or despondent about the level of encroachment and development of our protected land in the capital.

Letter to GLA Representative Jeanette Arnold From CPRE London 

10 Nov 16

Dear Jeanette, We, as well as local residents in Waltham Forest, are extremely concerned about the Thames Water Depot site in Waltham Forest where free school providers are already advertising places – despite no planning permission being sought or…

Protect Metropolitan Open Land in Waltham Forest! 

8 Nov 16

Below is a letter sent to the Mayor of London regarding the proposed loss of land in Waltham Forest.

Open Letter to Developers of MOL at Thames Water Depot Site 

28 Oct 16

This is an open letter from a local resident in response to the plans to develop the current Thames Depot site on Lea bridge Road into two free schools: 1) Good schools are part of their local community but most struggle to have any significance in …

Ive Farm: Proposed Enclosure, Artifice and Cars 

18 Oct 16

Waltham Forest Council has submitted an application to itself for the redevelopment of Ive Farm sports ground.

Hackney: Going Green or Giving the Green Light to Cars? 

26 Sep 16

Anyone who has followed Save Lea Marshes in the last few years will be aware of our campaign against the planned cricket pavilion for Hackney Marshes, a design which involves building on green space in order to accommodate a large car park on North …

New Lee Valley Leisure Trust Takes No Responsibility for Protecting Land 

6 Sep 16

letter-to-vibrant-partnerships-reply-redacted-1 As you can see from this letter to a local resident and member of SLM regarding the car wash, the Trust which has taken over the commercial ventures of the Lee Valley Regional Park takes no …

Trust Orders Car Wash To Cease Operations (Thanks to SLM Delegation) 

6 Aug 16

The cordoned off car wash at Leyton Marshes car park, on Lea Bridge Road.

Hackney Marshes: Planning Committee Meeting 

21 Jul 16

We have just received news that Hackney Planning Committee will be meeting next week to discuss amendments to the planning permission given.

Arguments for the car wash don’t wash! 

21 Jul 16

These are extracts from a speech given to the Authority AGM concerning the new car wash, which has started operating without planning permission: We are extremely concerned that the Leisure Trust is becoming a vehicle for uncontrolled and …

Leyton Marsh Development Plans: Veteran Local Campaigner Laurie Elks Speaks Out 

7 Jun 16

SLM agree with Laurie that Leyton Marsh is the wrong place for the ice centre, here Laurie expresses his views about the nature of the plans.

Open Letter to the LVRPA Re Future Plans for Leyton Marsh 

2 Jun 16

Dear Authority Member, We have become aware that you are shortly to make a decision about the replacement of the current Lee Valley Ice Centre.

Leyton Marsh Is Their No.1 Choice: But Do The Numbers Add Up? 

25 May 16

Scoring the Sites  It is important not to be taken in by the “scoring matrix” that the LVRPA has used to assess the relative merits of the four alternative sites for the new Ice Centre.

Leyton Marsh: Our Red Line for Development! 

23 May 16

Last time around – we can’t forget the mess made of Leyton Marsh! It has recently been revealed that Leyton Marsh is regarded by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority as the preferred site for a new ‘double-pad’ ice centre.

Pipe’s Overflow of Wrath Towards Environmentalists: SLM Member Responds… 

14 Feb 16

You may have read the recent report in the Citizen newspaper about Sporting Hackney’s delegation to create a local football stadium.

What impact will Lea Bridge development have on the marshes? 

31 Jan 16

The planning application for 97 Lea Bridge Road has just been publicised by Waltham Forest.

The Edgelands of Development? 

27 Jan 16

Members of SLM met with the Lee Valley Regional Park on Monday night to discuss the LVRPA’s plans for a new twin-pad ice rink.

Public Inquiry Outcome 

23 Aug 15

After June’s public inquiry, we were recently contacted by the Planning Inspector regarding the result.

Hackney Council Approve Their Own Plans 

3 Jun 15

As expected, Hackney Council voted to approve their own application for two car parks and a pavilion building on Hackney Marshes at tonight’s planning committee meeting.

Our Response to Mayor Jules Pipe re Petition 

16 Oct 14

The footprint of the proposed pavilion measured out by SLM members We are disappointed with Mayor Jules Pipe’s response to our petition.

Public Inquiry: Applying to speak/ submit your views 

8 Oct 14

If you objected to common land consent being given for ‘Works on Hackney Marshes’ (two car parks, one on North and one on East Marsh, and pavilion on presently green space) you will have received an email inviting you to speak at a …

Commercial Predation of Hackney Marshes spelled out 15m high 

30 Sep 14

As Hackney Council prepares to rubberstamp its own planning application for another giant building to spoil the Hackney Marsh landscape , it has spelled out loud and clear its commercial agenda and disregard for Metropolitan Open Land at the other …

Building on Hackney Marshes: How To Object To Hackney Planning Committee 

25 Sep 14

Please write an email to:  planning@hackney.

Planning Inspectorate to Hold Public Enquiry into Hackney Marshes Works 

24 Sep 14

We have really good news to report.

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