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Hugs All Around Today 

8 Dec 17

How many Christmas dinners will I get to where the seniors don’t take off their coats, come in with their trollies, and the men leave on their caps and hats? Today I had a dinner which was cold and over-cooked, where the vegetables tasted of …

All that talk 

4 Dec 17

So much in the news all year about including seniors in everyone’s plans and lives then you go along to a Newham nursery and find out the council moved the seniors along to the library where before the toddlers and seniors interacted quite nicely …

The Tom Hood School 

26 Nov 17

Tom Hood School arose from the old Cobbold Schools in 1925.


1 Nov 17


What’s The Point? 

29 Sep 17

So irritating to me.

Production at Tate Modern 

28 Sep 17

Today some intrepid Up Your Street seniors found their way to meet BN Neu in the Blaveknik building at Tate.

The problem is….. 

30 Aug 17

There’s a thing going on and it’s been going on for a few years now, that the seniors making up the ageing population growing old in London’s high and low-rise front rooms are victims in a digital self-centred urban environment.

well that was a surprise 

14 Aug 17

Online I ordered tickets for Late Night tonight at Tate Modern.

It’s a break not the final cut 

17 Jun 17

Gave notice to my subscribers that Up Your Street is taking a break.

Bring Out Your Dead or A Bee In my Bonnet. 

15 Jun 17

I thought it was a joke; the call out from WMG to crowdfund to get May Morris the credit she deserves because she was in the shadow of her famous dad, Bill.

Art in a bakery 

13 Jun 17

Well, there’s art in a lift, art in caffs, art on the underground so today I went to see shyly if my three works of art looked presentable on the white walls next to a sixties’ cutie faded framed print at Butlers Bakery in downtown east London in…

This one’s all about the hands. 

7 Jun 17

Here is an obvious case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand even looks like.

[dis]tinct: an arts and science project in our community 

5 Jun 17

Source: [dis]tinct: an arts and science project in our community…

What a Palaver 

4 Jun 17

After months of not knowing and politely awaiting a decision, finally the deputy manager of a library housing a community art display allowed me to go ahead and exhibit.

For The Record 

29 May 17

“Exhibitions at Central Library Did you know the Central Library has exhibition space available for the use of local people, community groups and organisations? If you are interested in putting on an exhibition or for further details please contact…

Disappointed and aghast. 

26 May 17

It is with huge disappointment that I write to you as a community artist.

Claremont on a platform. 

12 May 17

The Claremont Project in Islington does tons for seniors who can come in from outwith Islington and are made welcome anyway.

It was a good day. 

11 May 17

Well well well.

Up Your Street. Issue 15 

7 May 17

Wed May 10th free 12.30-3pm Mosaic-making at Cornerstone at 149 Canterbury Road E10 off Essex Road.

Inundate Me 

22 Apr 17

Arts activities as groovy* for people of 65+ to purge the onset of dementia.

On Later Years 

16 Apr 17

This getting old malarkey is hard.

Issue 13 of Up Your Street, now ten years old. Whoop! 

13 Apr 17

Easter Holidays are on so many community centres are closed whilst planning post-Easter events.

Promoting Blues 

6 Apr 17

Well, I spend much time promoting community hubs when in fact I’m actually watching them to see whether they genuinely want people to come along or whether they’re just building their own reputation in the Big Society and not bothered if seniors …

Reflections with a sad face. 

1 Apr 17

I was not feeling International Women’s Day this March.

The Pamper Shop 

29 Mar 17

Description Have you been through a lot of Adversity or Trauma and decided to live life on your terms.

Up Your Street. Issue 11 

27 Mar 17

Thurs 30th March 11.30 am at East London Radio.

#51%RememberHer – A cultural return for E13.. 

14 Mar 17

Source: #51%RememberHer – A cultural return for E13..

Creatives Found. 

12 Mar 17

It was raining nay spitting.

Whoever Knew? 

11 Mar 17

Resonance FM’s The News Agents is a chat show.

Old Lady Talking or spare me a rib. 

5 Mar 17

If I hadn’t had done my own Champions project I would not feel in any way a celebrant of International Women’s Day.

No Easy Task 

1 Mar 17

“Is that your stuff?” grunted a punter up at Hackney Central Library at 9.05.

Up Your Street. Issue 7 

23 Feb 17

Tues Feb 28th free 11-1pm Pancakes for Claremont members at White Lion Street.

Art in Barking Road. IWD 2017 

19 Feb 17

Wed 8th March free Launch night 6-8pm Tower Gallery, Barking Road.

A Poem A Day .IWD 2017 

18 Feb 17

Annually I write a poem a day from February 8th to March 8th.

Beggars Belief 

18 Feb 17

Yesterday evening I bought some posh honey and Maple syrup to take along to pancake day at Claremont in Islington because I can and do.


15 Feb 17

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 Gillian Lawrence has an art exhibition at Hackney Central Library for the month of March.

Headscarves 1950s 

15 Feb 17

As a nod to International Women’s Day 2017 Gillian Lawrence’s canvases in homage to the women she interviewed and indeed grew up with on her Headscarves Project can be seen for the whole of March on the wall at Stratford east Picturehouse.

Like a piece of art, “Untitled”. 

14 Feb 17

There was a Daily Mash article about retired people flooding galleries with their s**t art and that their relatives are emotionally blackmailed into buying the trash so that worthy art never gets sold.

Tammy WhyNot or Louise Weaver 

13 Feb 17

After the pretty useless art session at Claremont I waited to meet an Elders Ambassador from Tammy Whynot’s scheme funded by the Wellcome Collection in London.

Pleased As Punch 

13 Feb 17

To submit art work at The Mill Coppermill Lane E17  fiver To submit art work at the Claremont Project N1          zilch ”                   ”               ”        Hackney Central Library and …

Big Offence on No Offence. Crush FGM 

11 Feb 17

So, what did you think of the FGM treatment/pitch on “No Offence”? There was a tanned/ olive-skinned as they used to say Egyptian woman of colour cutter with pink ears.

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden/Late noti 

27 Jan 17

Sunday 29 January 2017, 2-5pm FREE If you’ve been inspired by Winterwatch on TV this week, we’ve got an afternoon to get you outside and close up to plants and nature.

Made In Hackney 

24 Jan 17

Another Up Your Street subscriber has been joining me at the Made In Hackney food workshops on Sundays, she missing church and me braving the elements and we booked through Hackney Circle.

One step forward, two steps back. 

5 Jan 17

Up Your Street has been active for a mere seven years.

Up Your Street Issue 1 2017 

5 Jan 17

2017     Sun 8th Jan    free or fiver donation  12-3pm Made in Hackney cooking workshops.

Ink Press Go 

5 Jan 17

It’s community art, right? At The Mill there’s about to be another great art show; this time print works.


21 Dec 16

Yesterday I refused to sit in Stratford East Picture House and spend money on the coffee there  as I support the striking Picture House workers as at Hackney Picture House and the Ritzy.

Issue 39. Up Your Street 

4 Dec 16

Tues 6th Dec free 11.30-1.30 Christmas Party given by Cubitt Education at the Claremont Project with an art workshop.

S O S Exodus 

20 Nov 16


Made In Hackney 

19 Nov 16

FREE COMMUNITY COOKERY CLASSES 2017 Casenove Rd N16 altho check for your venue.

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