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Buxton locals furious after St Ann’s well is shut off 

17 Aug

An 11,000 strong petition has been signed by frustrated locals following repeated closures of St Ann's Well (pictured) at Buxton, Derbyshire.

‘People tried to put me off’: becoming a social worker after Baby P 

17 Aug

A decade on, the fallout from Peter Connelly’s death is still being felt across child protection and children’s services.

Animal charity comes up with genius way to reunite lost rabbit with owners 

11 Aug

Leon Lambert-Gorwyn is not up for adoption – the rabbit could be though (Picture: SWNS) An animal charity posted a message about a lost rabbit on Facebook only to be swamped with offers from people wanting to adopt the hunk holding it.

Ten years on from Baby P: social work’s story 

3 Aug

Ten years ago 17-month-old Peter Connelly was found dead in his cot after months of cruelty from those who were meant to care for him most.

Teenager jumps out of plane’s emergency exit as it lands 

2 Aug

He slid down the wing and ran onto the tarmac (Picture: Getty Images) A teenager was taken for a medical evaluation after he opened an emergency door on an plane in San Francisco.

Man banned from Tesco for failing to scan £2 pack of ribs 

2 Aug

Jeannot Attard said the incident was ‘hugely embarrassing’ (Picture: Eyevine) A man who accidentally failed to scan a pack of ribs at a Tesco Metro self-service machine has been banned from the store for six months.

The Queen cracks open the gin before lunch every day 

2 Aug

The Queen usually sees off four drinks a day (Picture: REX/Shutterstock) Gin o’clock comes far earlier than you might expect at Buckingham Palace.

North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ could finally be opened after 30 years 

2 Aug

The Ryugyong Hotel under construction in Pyongyang, North Korea, in 2012.

Couple arrested for having public sex at Enchanted Forest Water Safari 

2 Aug

Kristin Rogers faces numerous charges (Picture: Police handout) A couple have been arrested for having public sex at a water park in New York.

Brit fighting Isis shot himself in the head to avoid capture 

2 Aug

Ryan Lock took the decision to kill himself rather than be captured (Picture: PA) A young man who secretly travelled to Syria to fight Isis turned his gun on himself to avoid being captured by the enemy, an inquest heard.

Budget flights to Europe could be screwed due to Brexit 

2 Aug

Budget airlines like Ryanair could relocate after Brexit (Picture: Getty) Get ready to bid farewell to your summer holiday as you know it – because Brexit could cause budget airlines like RyanAir to pull flights to Europe.

Model’s new breast implants burst open in five-car pile-up 

2 Aug

Becky Bitchenor needed corrective surgery after her breast implants burst during a crash.

What countries are in the Schengen area? The agreement explained 

2 Aug

(Picture: Christopher Furlong via Getty Images) The Schengen Area is an area within Europe where there are no passport checks or border controls – there is complete free movement of people.

Sick stepfather of Baby P who was jailed for horrific abuse is refused parole 

2 Aug

Peter Connelly (Baby P), 17-month-old, who was found dead in his cot in Tottenham in 2007 (Picture: ITV/PA) The ‘stepfather’ of Baby P, who was jailed for a campaign of abuse against the little boy, has been refused parole.

Vintage crime scene photos show 1910s New York’s macabre underworld 

2 Aug

These haunting images show the grisly crime scenes of New York in the 1910s.

What is the 17th Amendment and why are people suggesting it should be repealed? 

2 Aug

(Picture: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images) The 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution says that the Senate of the United States shall have two Senators from each State, elected by the people of the State to represent them for six ...

Lessons must be learned from Finsbury Park attack, government terrorism watchdog warns 

25 Jul

Ministers should take urgent action to tackle Muslim alienation and learn the lessons of the Finsbury Park attack to improve the fight against radicalisation, the governments terrorism watchdog warned today.

Suspected Finsbury Park terrorist Darren Osborne in court 

20 Jul

Darren Osborne allegedly mowed down Akram Ali, 51, and nine other people on a crowded pavement near the Finsbury Park mosque in London.

Council tenants protest over land transfer 

4 Jul

Three weeks after Grenfell, and all of the questions that surround that disaster have reverberated around local councils and regeneration schemes.

Furious residents march against Haringey Labour council’s social cleansing plans 

4 Jul

Up to 1,000 tenants, residents and their supporters marched on Haringey Civic Centre in north London last night, Monday.

Homeless man who tried to end his life is now a millionaire 

1 Jul

Mylo Kane is now a millionaire (Picture: Manchester Evening News) Mylo Kaye has bounced back from rock bottom in a spectacular way.

Refugee who had affair with Calais Jungle charity boss ‘tried to burn down HQ in revenge’ 

1 Jul

Clare Moseley has stepped back from her charity Care4Calais A woman who set up a charity that cared for people at the Calais Jungle camp and had an affair with a refugee has had to step back from her role.

Thug bit chunk from stepfather’s ear in row over Andy Murray 

1 Jul

Warning: Graphic content Alistair Wilson has been left permanently disfigured (Picture: Facebook) A stepdad was left permanently disfigured after his stepson bit a chunk out of his ear during a row about Andy Murray.

Warning to people to wear shoes in grass after man ‘bitten by spider’ 

1 Jul

A spider may have caused the injury to the man’s foot (Picture: Getty) A man was reportedly left in a critical condition having suffered a suspected spider bite while walking barefoot through grassland.

Swingers take over family campsite for weekend sex festival 

1 Jul

A large group of swingers have taken over a family campsite (Picture: Getty) If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure for a big surprise… No, not because there’s a teddy bears picnic, because there are dozens of swingers.

‘Explained’: The real story behind the strange pictures of Tottenham’s new stadium 

1 Jul

The new White Hart Lane won't be ready until the 2018/19 season, but our friends at Football.

One dead and three fighting for life after knife attack in Essex street 

1 Jul

Police cordon at Blackshots Lane in Grays, Essex (Picture: Vickie Flores/LNP) A young man was stabbed to death and three others are fighting for their lives after a series of fights broke out in the early hours of this morning.

Conservatives need to drastically change to woo young voters, says senior Tory minister 

1 Jul

A placard showing a picture of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, saying ‘You can’t trust her’ is raised in front of the Elizabeth Tower (Picture: Getty) A senior Tory minister thinks the party needs to drastically change in order to win ...

Couple buy No.51 bus to convert into ‘luxury’ motorhome 

1 Jul

Tom, Kayley and children, Logan, 8, Poppy-Mae, 7 and Henry, 3.

Finsbury Park mosque sent threatening letters promising ‘rivers of blood’ 

30 Jun

One writer said the van attack was ‘just the beginning’ (Picture: Phil Caller / Vice News)/p p Finsbury Park mosque has been sent threatening letters promising ‘rivers of blood’, less than two weeks after it was targeted in a terror attack.

A serial cat killer may have poisoned up to 20 pets 

30 Jun

Mr Mistoffelees was found dead (Picture: South Wales News Service) Police have launched an investigation into a spate of suspected cat poisonings, with up to 20 pets believed to be potential victims.

“Attack using the van was only the beginning” Finsbury Park mosque reveals what’s written in racist death threats 

30 Jun

The anonymous letters say that the incident 'was only the beginning' and promised 'rivers of blood' continuing this August - two weeks after terror attack on Muslims...

Facebook now offers help to find free WiFi for you wherever you are 

30 Jun

(Picture: Getty) Facebook is launching a feature to help people find free WiFi worldwide.

Charlie Gard’s parents given extra time to say goodbye before life support turned off 

30 Jun

Doctors have given Charlie’s family more time with him (Picture: PA) The parents of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard have been given extra time to make ‘precious memories’ with their son before his life support is switched off.

Men who shouted ‘being gay is immoral’ at shoppers have convictions overturned 

30 Jun

The preachers were filmed in front of a crowd of around 100 (Picture: Facebook/Christian Concern) A pair of Christian street preachers, who were fined after shouting ‘Mohammed is a liar’ and  telling shoppers being gay was ‘immoral’, have ...

High proportion of disabled people depend on food banks due to benefit delays 

30 Jun

Volunteers at Wandsworth foodbank prepare parcels for guests from their stores of donated food, toiletries and other items on May 5, 2017 in London (Picture: Getty) A study into food banks has revealed a shocking insight into the UK’s poverty ...

Student dies after falling from cliffs near Seven Sisters 

28 Jun

Hyewon Kim, 23, was studying English in the UK when she visited the popular Seven Sisters cliffs on the East Sussex coast.

Hundreds join vigil at Finsbury Park mosque after Islamophobic terror attack 

27 Jun

Around 300 people came together for a vigil at Finsbury Park Mosque in north London yesterday, Tuesday.

‘Following recent terror attacks, social work must re-evaluate its approach to radicalisation’ 

27 Jun

by Jason Barnes I am deeply concerned that Muslims in North London near Finsbury Park mosque were targeted last week during their holy month of Ramadan.

Girl fell to death on bungee jump after mishearing Spanish instructor’s English 

26 Jun

Vera Mole plunged to her death (Picture: CEN) A teenager fell to her death when she bungee jumped off a bridge without being secured to anything, after she misunderstood her instructor’s ‘very bad’ English, according to court papers.

£10,000 raised for acid attack victim Resham Khan in just one day 

26 Jun

Resham was attacked on her 21st birthday (Picture: Go Fund Me) A fundraising campaign to help a student and her cousin who were victims of a devastating acid attack on her 21st birthday, has raised £10,000 in just one day.

People are spreading distressing hoax stories about a baby being found alive in Grenfell Tower 

26 Jun

This is a fake news website Someone has set up a fake website in order to spread an extremely distressing hoax about a baby being found alive in Grenfell Tower.

Laser makes the brightest light ever on Earth – a billion times brighter than the sun 

26 Jun

Diocles laser (Picture: University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Up until now, lasers in real life haven’t really lived up to their billing in Hollywood movies – but scientists just switched on one a billion times brighter than the sun.

Man jailed for falling asleep during bondage sex that led to partner’s death 

26 Jun

Kevin Adams has been jailed for two years for gross negligence manslaughter (Picture: SWNS) A man has been jailed for two years after he fell asleep during a drug-fuelled bondage sex game and left his tied-up partner to die with a gas mask around his...

Restaurant owner challenges anyone to eat his sausage in four bites 

26 Jun

No-one criticises James Black’s hot dogs and gets away with it (Picture: Mercury Press) A restaurant owner has issued a challenge after a customer on Tripadvisor claimed his hot dogs could be eaten in ‘four bites’.

Warning as ‘Britain’s most dangerous plant’ Giant Hogweed spreads in heatwave 

26 Jun

Fear the Hogweed (Picture Getty) Last week’s heatwave has sparked an explosion of ‘Britain’s most dangerous plant’ – toxic giant Hogweed, which can cause severe burns and even blindness.

Minute’s silence held across country for victims of Finsbury Park terror attack 

26 Jun

As part of UK-wide minute's silence, Islington remembers everyone affected by the Finsbury Park terror attack pic.

Theresa May reaches deal with DUP to prop up minority government 

26 Jun

The agreement will see an extra £1billion allocated to Northern Ireland over two years (Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire) Theresa May has agreed a deal with the DUP that will give the minority Conservative government the support it needs to pass ...

Imam hailed for his bravery in the Finsbury Park attack 

26 Jun

Mohammed Mahmoud, 30, (pictured) stepped in when an angry crowd attempted to 'kick and punch' 47-year-old suspect Darren Osborne in Finsbury Park earlier this month.

Hero Finsbury Park mosque imam described by friends as 'London lad who loves biryanis' 

25 Jun

The hero imam who guarded the Finsbury Park mosque terror suspect until police came to detain him has been described by friends as a London lad who loves biryanis.

Woman and her cousin badly hurt after random acid attack on her 21st birthday 

24 Jun

Resh Khan spoke out about the incident (Picture: Twitter) A young woman has spoken out after she and her cousin were targeted in a random acid attack on her 21st birthday.

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Lordship River and Harvest Festival, Saturday Sept 16th 

6 Aug

A date for everyone’s diary! Food, stalls, flower and produce show, music stage… more info to follow soon...

Small worlds in focus 

2 Aug

It was great to welcome so many people to Railway Fields for our summer event, Nature Discovery Day, on Saturday 29 July – especially given the less-than-ideal weather! Here’s a look at some of the stunning images we captured during our ...

Universities that are best to Get Ready for a Task in Astronomy 

31 Jul

The best means of authoring your composition is going to be on a computer.

Get Custom-made Created Make a reservation for Customer reviews via the Most suitable Producing Expert services 

31 Jul

Get Custom-made Created Make a reservation for Customer reviews via the Most suitable Producing Expert services Booklet claim writing’is one of the crucial recurrent writing articles assignments you might are given right through your research.

Ward’s Corner CPO inquiry 

26 Jul

The current enquiry on the controversial CPO by Haringey Council (which ends tomorrow) has a website of public record if you were unable to attend.

How exactly to Transfer Photos From The Computer to some CD 

24 Jul

Some colleges ensure it is feasible for you to pick from a listing.

Calls for a Harringay Entrance to Finsbury Park Echo Edwardian Demands 

21 Jul

Despite Finsbury park being within Harringay's boundaries, we feel quite separated from it due to the lack of entrances from Harringay.

Festival for Young People in the Rec 

20 Jul

August 12th, 1-5pm in the Rec, the Hub and Football Field.

Drinking water Drainage Procedures, Elements, Procedures and Upkeep 

20 Jul

Drinking water Drainage Procedures, Elements, Procedures and Upkeep Drinking water drainage is vital for agricultural, health and fitness and environmental reasons.

Events Around Highgate 

19 Jul

When: Wednesday 12th July at 7 pm ENLARGING THE EDMONTON ENERGY FROM WASTE PLANT:Why so large and how will it affect recycling in North London ? The meeting discussed: the rationale for such a massive increase in capacity at the plant the effect will...

3 Strategies To Make Cash On The Web With No Expenditures Or Upfront Service Fees Power-Essays 

18 Jul

3 Strategies To Make Cash On The Web With No Expenditures Or Upfront Service Fees Power-Essays As shortly as the tutorial session get commenced, many queries appear in the intellect academic writing of each learners: “How to compose an essay in an ...

Popular Commercial Slogans 

17 Jul

Before starting out, there are a number of points you need to know about creating an article.

Which Essay Writing Service Is The Best In Uk Reviews 

17 Jul

The Free Easy Diet That Works GAMSAT can be a popular term among youngsters.

International Trade in Australia 

13 Jul

International Trade in Australia EXECUTIVE SUMMARY International trade is becoming more or less a norm with set up trade unions and fewer distinctive nation borders from nation unions similar to the European Union and Trans-Pacific Partnership among ...

Steer Clear Of Plagiarism 

10 Jul

Sole narrative to begin essay.

Autobiography Examples 

10 Jul

This guide is going to illustrate how you can compose clear essay each time.

Helpful Information to Concluding a Small Company 

10 Jul

It truly is usually better to publish your release once you’ve accomplished the key physique of the dissertation, so you’ve an excellent knowledge for the matter place.

Of Creating Money an Overview 

10 Jul

Planning summarised records of several subjects in your words will enhance your writing skill along with help you in essay writing learning those areas better.

All donations welcome for our stall and the auction! 

9 Jul

We’ll be raising money for The Samaritans at the next Myddleton Road market (Sunday 6 August).

Strategies for study utilized when producing clinical works by college students 

7 Jul

Strategies for study utilized when producing clinical works by college students Within the theoretical and functional element of any critical clinical pieces of paper, pupils need to use some methods of research.

Unnatural knowledge: can it ever in your life come about for the individual mind? 

7 Jul

Unnatural knowledge: can it ever in your life come about for the individual mind? Manufactured learning ability might be the modern technology of instructing computer units to operate duties that necessitate intelligence when performed by a persons ...

Editor’s policies and levels of his work towards producing technological annotation 

6 Jul

Editor’s policies and levels of his work towards producing technological annotation The thought of annotation and creation its genre The abstract is an integral part of your guide model.

Electric vehicles – a realistic alternative? Talk 17th July 

6 Jul

Electric vehicles are all over the news, with sales sky-rocketing in the last couple of years.

Acquire Study Paperwork On the web 

4 Jul

Acquire Study Paperwork On the web When your professor requires you to focus on a long assignment, you maybe consider to accomplish this on your own.

Modern day student’s written investigation – distinctive attributes and features. 

3 Jul

Modern day student’s written investigation – distinctive attributes and features.

Protest about the HDV: tomorrow 

2 Jul

Tomorrow (July 3rd), there is going to be both a protest and a benefit aimed at fighting plans by Haringey Council to forcefully evict many council tenants through their controversial HDV development programme (dubbed by critics at the £2Billion ...

Friends of Lordship Activities in July 

30 Jun

Saturday July 1st, 12-1.30pm Go Grow in the Rec first meeting of the new Children’s Gardening Club, setting up a garden on and around the Hub Cafe terrace.

Fire safety drop-in sessions for high-rise tower blocks 

23 Jun

Everyone will be concerned following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower on the 14 June 2017.

Invitation and early ideas for a new Masterplan for Haringey Heartlands 

22 Jun

Residents will be receiving an update from St.

Restoring the Moselle is essential for our community and the means to end pollution 

22 Jun

PMRA has always been interested in opening up the Moselle in Wood Green, co-chair Marcus Ballard told Monday night’s meeting at the Big Green Bookshop.

How to Produce a Research Report Introduction 

21 Jun

One of many many popular collectible figurine wrinkles the “Hummel” selection is manufactured by Goebel.

Argumentation Englisch Unser Autoren Abdeckung Jeder Ihre Ausnahmen Und Wunsche GhostWriterHilfe Gute Qualitat 

21 Jun

Vorlage Word Hausarbeit Jura Vor ein paar Tagen Ich fand mich Studium eine einreichen über Druck Gesundheit und Fitness Ausstattung Mags i wurde ekstatisch anzuzeigen der Tatsache, dass gesundheitsbezogene Fachleute wirklich tun bestätigen der Wert...

Table Tennis Competition: Sunday 2 July, 12.30 

20 Jun

  Calling all table tennis fans! Come and take part in an exciting tournament at the Myddleton Road Festival on Sunday 2 July – the knockout competition starts at 12.30.

Lake User Survey 

20 Jun

Dear All, please follow this link to fill in our lake user survey, needed for future funding purposes.

Start Scale Grow 

20 Jun

If you have not already come to one of the workshops there is still time to register your interest and attend the last two at 639.

Ebooks Vs. Document Books The Professionals and Cons 

19 Jun

That you do not have to charge for software packages How do individuals make money from applications that are free? We outline five excellent methods you can make a free software make you money.

Measures to Variable Thinking 

19 Jun

Disclaimer: products All slogans, organization names, model names, trademarks, and images utilized in this short article will be the house in their respective owners.

Why Pupils Should Buy Phrase Paperwork On the web 

14 Jun

Why Pupils Should Buy Phrase Paperwork On the web School assignment is surely an unbiased educative investigation of the university student.

Salsa With Sureka 

12 Jun

Get your mid-week Salsa fix this Wednesday in Bounds Green...

Come and help with gardening: Sunday 18th June, 2.30 – 4.30 p.m. 

11 Jun

Finsbury Gardeners, Sunday 18th  June 2.30-4.30 p.

Woodside solar share offer now fully subscribed 

10 Jun

Great news – our solar offer to put panels on roofs at Woodside High School in Wood Green is now fully subscribed.

The way to write down a plan of technological study task 

10 Jun

The way to write down a plan of technological study task The basis of your offered approach to creating a strategy of scientific analysis project is definitely the reasoning of writing a scientific write-up, which pinpoints the primary factors that ...

STarT produce Community Masterplan for St Anns Site 

8 Jun


March & Demonstration against HGV contract to Lend Lease – Mon 3rd July 2017 

8 Jun

Update from the Stop HGV Campaign The March and Demonstration will now happen on Monday 3rd July 2017 5.30pm – 6pm Assemble at Ducketts Common Turnpike Lane 6pm March along Wood Green High Road to Wood Green Civic Centre 6.30pm Rally outside Wood ...

And now, it’s time to vote 

7 Jun

As we prepare to go to the polls, we’d like to thank the candidates of the three main parties for coming to our hustings and giving us the opportunity to meet them.

Myddleton Road Community Garden Summer Party, Saturday 17th June 

7 Jun

This year’s entertainment includes live music from The Phoenix Collective, face painting, kids arts and crafts and games for all.


6 Jun

Yesterday on the corner of Hewitt and Darwin  I am taking a picture of some dumped rubbish on the Haringey app and a guy says what are you doing that for? So I tell him "oh you are one of those, you are a snitch"   "no" I reply ..

Myddleton Road Community Garden Summer Garden Party, Saturday 17th June, 2 – 5 p.m. 

5 Jun

This year’s entertainment includes live music from The Phoenix Collective, face painting, kids arts and crafts and games for all.

Drop-in, Thursday 15th June, 6-7 p.m. 

5 Jun

If you would like to talk about a local issue, or just chat about how you see the BPCA and the neighbourhood, do call in at Hobarts, Myddleton Road on Thursday 15th June between 6-7 p.

Rat runs 

1 Jun

Hello all, Please feel sorry for Moselle Avenue, Noel Park.

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