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Evening update: Roadworks causing long delays and A1 shut on a busy night across the road network 

8 Aug 18

Good evening.

Mushrooming roadworks (incl. Endymion Rd shut) 

7 Aug 18

Have just come back to Wightman (south end) from Crouch End and have encountered no less than 2 new road closures and another large-ish set of roadworks en route.

Roadworks cause delays but it’s going to be a scorcher 

6 Aug 18

Happy Monday! Nobody likes going back to work after a long weekend, especially during sweltering temperatures, so this will make it a little easier for you.

“Absolute chaos” as five week road closure begins 

31 Jul 18

Roadworks lasting more than a month have plunged a town into “absolute chaos”.

What are the problems with the London Ambulance Service? 

18 Jul 18

Hospital capacity, roadworks and queuing before making it into A&E are just some of the problems facing the ambulance service, according to Londoners.

Cycle superhighway to stay OPEN during Embankment closure 

10 Jul 18

TfL has revealed that cycle superhighways will remain open during major roadworks on the Victoria Embankment from April 2019.

Four months of roadworks on major roundabout from Monday 

6 Jul 18

Four months of roadworks at a major roundabout are due to start on Monday morning.

Roadworks: 24-hour 50mph speed limits could cause jams on the motorways this week 

1 Jul 18

Workers will be carrying out essential repairs and works on the motorway network this week.

Morning update: Cancellations after new train timetable and queues due to roadworks in Watford 

21 May 18

Morning, here is your weather and travel update for the new week.

Deep potholes by kerb, 20th May 

20 May 18

Deep potholes.

Roadworks incomplete, 12th May 

12 May 18

Some highway work was completed but two large bumps of tarmac have been left and the yellow lines haven’t been repainted.

Roadworks you need to watch out for on the motorways 

7 Apr 18

Here are all the roadworks taking place next week around the motorways.

Roadworks starting after 10.30pm, 20th February 

20 Feb 18

There is continuous roadwork on the bus lane that start magically after 22.30 for at least 3 weeks.

Drivers urged to give opinions about roadworks sponsored by Mayor of London 

21 Dec 17

DRIVERS have the chance to voice their opinions about works affecting their commute.

RE: Roadworks carried out on Essex Road, Islington 

15 Dec 17

Response by Islington Borough Council to Michaela Leary on 15 December 2017 .

RE: Roadworks carried out on Essex Road, Islington 

14 Dec 17

Response by Islington Borough Council to Michaela Leary on 14 December 2017 .

RE: Roadworks carried out on Essex Road, Islington 

12 Dec 17

Request sent to Islington Borough Council by Michaela Leary on 12 December 2017 .

Temporary Traffic lights 

24 Oct 17

This week sees a plethora of roadworks and temporary traffic lights seemingly coordinated to drive me to distraction.

Pensioner seriously injured in crash at The Angel after pedestrian crossings are switched off for roadworks 

23 Aug 17

Pensioner seriously injured in crash at The Angel after pedestrian crossings are switched off for roadworks 57 minutes ago Sam Gelder –> A pensioner was hit by a moped at The Angel junction just days after the pedestrian crossings were switched off …

‘It’s a trip hazard’ – Loose cables left protruding from traffic lights near pedestrian crossing 

10 Aug 17

Loose cables were left protruding from temporary traffic lights after council contractors carried out roadworks.

Vibrating house since roadworks, 5th August 

5 Aug 17

There has just been a ramp/raising of the road outside my house, on Grove Green Road, near Drayton Road, as part of the ongoing works in the area.

Rubbish not being cleared away on Muswell Hill Broadway, 2nd August 

2 Aug 17

Rubbish is outside Toffs Restaurant, left out for the recycling etc – this is usually taken away but becuse of roadworks has been neglected.

Drain cover making a noise again when cars drive over it, 20th July 

20 Jul 17

This problem was fixed temporarily and then properly with TFL roadworks.

Turnpike Lane/Tottenham Lane junction remodelling 

29 Apr 17

I was wondering what the roadworks at the Turnpike Lane/Tottenham Lane junction were: I think I understand most of it but curious what the “architectural lighting” might be on the bridge walls? Funding appears to be a…

Complaints Crouch Hill shut for roadworks – yet workers are not to be seen 

18 Mar 17

Complaints Crouch Hill shut for roadworks – yet workers are not to be seen 36 minutes ago Emma Bartholomew –> Shops are losing money and bus users are “stranded” due to month-long roadworks in Crouch Hill – yet builders haven’t been seen …

Another day down the tubes… so here’s the wisdom of the crowd 

21 Feb 17

Photo: Sunil060902 Another day’s strike on the Central Line means another day of patience from commuters is in order.

Honest Burgers, Dalston, restaurant review 

16 Feb 17

Bradbury Street in Dalston, currently festooned with roadworks that bisect it, has the air of a street in waiting.

Faster motorway speed limits to ‘beat delays’ 

5 Dec 16

Faster speed limits beside motorway roadworks are being trialled to beat delays while routes are improved and repaired.

Town Centre Roadworks 

5 Dec 16

Walthamstow Town Centre traffic direction changes I suppose this is the best time to change the traffic flows in the Town Centre just as the christmas rush is building up…

Catching the Tower Bridge free ferry 

4 Dec 16

It was supposed to happen last weekend, but didn’t.

Sandbag in Gutter – Westferry Road, 24th November 

24 Nov 16

A broken sandbag has been left in the gutter on the western side of Westferry Road, just across from the zebra crossing by Tesco’s at the Landmark building.

Lockner Car Park and the Englefield Road Gridlock 

21 Nov 16

There are two entrances to the car park at the front of Lockner; the one on Englefield Road is open and used, and the one on St Peters way is closed and unused (one entrance has to be closed to stop people using it as a shortcut causing throughway …

Is Wellesley Road cursed? 

19 Oct 16

Having been hit by roadworks and flooding in the same place three times in 12 months , Wellesley Road has again been dug up at the same spot, this time reportedly because of a leaking gas pipe.

Holloway Road closures: Commuters face three months of soul-destroying roadworks 

10 Oct 16

Commuters are facing three months of utter chaos after a surprise announcement that Holloway Road will be closed for £25million works.

Council warns ‘expect disruption’ as town centre roadworks set to begin 

10 Oct 16

Work to reshape roads in Walthamstow town centre will begin next month in a bid to improve traffic flow.

Cycle Superhighway Lanes Are Strangling The Life Out Of London : Square Mile Struggling With Recent Closures. 

5 Oct 16

Traffic jams in the Square Mile are being made worse because road space has been lost to make way for Cycle Superhighway routes, according to a report by the City of London Corporation.

Emergency repair works cause A406 jams 

23 Sep 16

DRIVERS looking for an early weekend getaway are facing major delays after emergency roadworks closed roads.

Third time lucky 

12 Aug 16

The end of Wellesley Road at its junction with Hermon Hill has been a bit of a disaster zone for the past year, with flood after flood, roadworks after roadworks.

Traffic blocks ‘just not good enough’ after driver filmed ‘flagrantly’ ignoring them 

27 Jun 16

A CAMPAIGNER has criticised “shoddy” road blocks put in place to ease traffic during long-running roadworks, after someone was filmed removing them and driving through.

Blake Hell Road, series four, episode one 

20 Jun 16

Happier times It’s day one of the 20-week roadworks taking place on Blake Hall Road – though a collapsed water pipe on the road on Saturday led to the road being closed prematurely (and thus to much traffic chaos throughout Wanstead).

TfL webpages 

10 Jun 16

25 pages that lurk in the hidden depths of the TfL website • The page collating Car Line Diagrams and Car Line Diagram stickers for all Tube lines, TFL Rail, London Overground and DLR (1996- 2015) • The page which lists details of TfL’s …

Get ready for Blake Hell 

25 May 16

Google Streetview We’re just days away from the start of the next round of Blake Hell Road, the 20-week long roadworks which will – it feels fair to say – bring chaos to Aldersbrook and beyond.

MUM ON THE RUN: Potholes from hell 

8 May 16

This week LOUISA LEAMAN rails against the twin blights of potholes and roadworks and asks why they both turn up at this time of year…

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the car and drive to Aldersbrook… 

14 Apr 16

Photo: Andrea Waller Anger, frustration, irritation, foreboding – some of the emotions greeting the news that the fourth instalment of Blake Hell Road is being planned for up to 20 weeks starting in June.

Roadworks causing unnecessary delays, 7th April 

7 Apr 16

Roadworks have been going on for a while now and due to the traffic lights being positioned incorrectly, vehicles are left waiting for up to 10 minutes to be able to turn right or left onto Colney Hatch Lane from Pages Lane.

Temporary traffic lights stuck on red, 29th March 

29 Mar 16

Temporary traffic lights permanently stuck on red both ways since Saturday.

Route 25 consultation 

10 Mar 16

After four months of silent rumination, TfL have just published the results of their consultation into re-routing the 25 bus permanently over the Bow flyover .

Useful map of roadworks 

7 Mar 16

Just come across this interactive map of roadworks currently going on in Haringey, so you can check ahead before setting out.

Protesters plan ‘Isle of Clogs’ protest at Canary Wharf over roadworks chaos 

2 Mar 16

Angry families fed up with gridlock traffic jams caused by prolonged roadworks outside their Isle of Dogs homes in east London are staging a mass protest today (Thurs).

Wightman Rd temporary traffic light failure reported 

27 Feb 16

Signal is stuck on red, causing tailbacks in either direction along entirety of Wightman Rd, gas roadwork location between Warham and Seymore.

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