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MISSING: Callum Kinsella from Royal London Hospital during treatment 

20 Mar

Police are appealing for information to trace a man missing from the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel.

Landmark children’s Spitalfields mosaic rescued from a skip is restored and back on public display 

19 Mar

A landmark street mosaic made by schoolchildren in Spitalfields 23 years ago that fell into disrepair over the years and ended up in a rubble skip has been brought back to life.

London Tattoo Convention uncovers a skinfull of tattoo art at Old Truman Brewery 

14 Mar

A convention of tattooists from all over the British Isles is being held at east London’s Old Truman Brewery in Spitalfields at the weekend to show the best of the tattoo craft and the art behind it.

Exhibition showcasing Elizabeth Line artwork opens at the Whitechapel Gallery 

13 Mar

An exhibition displaying artwork which will go on the Elizabeth Line is opening at the Whitechapel Gallery today (Tuesday).

Whitechapel children’s theatre scoops award for Brexit play 

7 Mar

A children’s theatre in Whitechapel has scooped an award for its play exploring youth attitudes towards Brexit.

Tower Hamlets gives itself planning permission to turn old London Hospital into its new £105m civic centre 

7 Mar

Planning permission has been given to turn the former iconic London Hospital in Whitechapel into a new £105m ‘super’ town hall complex.

Barnardo charity marks 150th anniversary of first Ragged school in Stepney with old Victorian postcards 

3 Mar

Long-forgotten postcards showing destitute street children in Whitechapel in Victorian times have turned up with the 150th anniversary of the Barnardo charity’s first ‘ragged’ school.

Mental health event helping to find a job is being staged at Whitechapel’s Brady arts centre 

22 Feb

People who have gone through mental illness are telling their story at a Whitechapel employment event about their “journey back into work”.

Whitechapel mosque opens doors for cake and conversation 

20 Feb

A Whitechapel mosque opened its doors to the public on Sunday for Visit My Mosque Day.

Sainsbury’s Whitechapel luxury tower scheme rejected by Tower Hamlets Council for 3rd time 

17 Feb

Developers are squaring up for a battle with Tower Hamlets Council over Sainsbury’s controversial Whitechapel redevelopment scheme.

Construction company Bouygues UK will build new £105m town hall in Whitechapel 

15 Feb

The contract for Tower Hamlets’ £105 million town hall has been handed to construction company Bouygues UK.

TV’s Mark Lane helps turn derelict Whitechapel wasteland into a gardeners’ world for Core Landscapes project 

14 Feb

Gardener’s World TV presenter Mark Lane is helping a new community garden project in Whitechapel used for health rehabilitation after his own recovery from a car smash.

Chief imam of East London Mosque asks coroner Mary Hassell to reconsider religious burials decision 

14 Feb

The chief imam of a Whitechapel mosque has written to a coroner asking her to reconsider her controversial decision not to prioritise religious burials.

Simple flu virus used by Queen Mary University researchers to kill pancreatic cancer cells 

13 Feb

A common little flu virus could be the key to stop the spread of deadly pancreatic cancer after being lab-tested by medical researchers at Whitechapel.

Suffragettes 100: Schoolgirls in Whitechapel say ‘we’re not there yet’ 

9 Feb

Feminism and the fight of the Suffragettes leading to votes for women 100 years ago are still relevant in society, according to today’s teenage girls in London’s East End who are about to go out into the world.

Gardener’s World presenter backs community garden in Whitechapel 

9 Feb

A community garden in Whitechapel has grabbed the attention of Gardener’s World presenter Mark Lane.

Monster Whitechapel fatberg unveiled at London museum 

8 Feb

A chunk of the mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms has been conserved by the Museum of London.

Giant Whitechapel fatberg goes on display at Museum of London 

8 Feb

Part of a giant fatberg found blocking a Whitechapel sewer has gone on display at the Museum of London.

‘Monster’ Whitechapel fatberg unveiled at London museum 

8 Feb

A mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms is on display at the Museum of London.

Charity campaign to help rough sleepers in Stratford and Whitechapel 

7 Feb

Rough sleepers in Stratford and Whitechapel are set to be handed rucksacks full of useful items thanks to a campaign by charity Muslim Aid.

Kate Frye’s long-lost diaries of unknown Whitechapel suffragette organisation discovered 100 years later 

6 Feb

The diaries of suffragette Kate Parry Frye who was twice arrested in Whitechapel for holding an ‘unlawful’ street meeting has come to light after 100 years, discovered rotting in a damp cellar.

Bid to extend drinks licence at Spitalfields sparks City 'superpub' fears 

6 Feb

Spitalfields bosses want to serve alcohol at the 17th-century market later into the evening, despite neighbours fears that it will turn it into a City-fringe superpub.

These services are helping isolated people to feel less lonely 

1 Feb

Freda Ziff is visited weekly by Holly Matthews at her home in Whitechapel, through the GoodGym organisation (Picture: Susannah Ireland for Metro.

Tower Hamlets mayor John Biggs urges Home Secretary to ban Football Lads Alliance from Whitechapel demonstration 

25 Jan

The mayor of Tower Hamlets has written to the Home Secretary urging her to ban the so-called ‘Football Lads Alliance’ holding protest marches through Whitechapel.

'Cramped s***hole' in Whitechapel put up for rent in 'very honest' SpareRoom advert 

15 Jan

A room available for rent in an east London flatshare has been described as a cramped s***hole in a very honest online advert.

Major delays on District and Hammersmith & City lines due to signal failure at Whitechapel 

8 Jan

A signal failure at Whitechapel has caused severe delays on District and Hammersmith City lines in both directions.

Bellringer at Christ Church, Spitalfields receives MBE in New Years Honours list 

2 Jan

A Spitalfields bellringer has been recognised in the Queen’s New Year honours list, receiving an MBE for services to campanology.

Fur trade chief tells of fears for traders' futures after ban on 'vintage' fur at Old Spitalfields Market 

1 Jan

Boss of the British Fur Trade Association defends sale of vintage fur at Spitalfields Market...

Whitechapel resident wins the People’s Postcode Lottery 

29 Dec

A lucky resident in Whitechapel got an unexpected late Christmas present after winning the People’s Postcode Lottery this week.

‘Clean up our dirty streets’ the public tells Tower Hamlets Council in latest litter-picking campaign 

28 Dec

Council workers have ended the year with a massive clean-up in east London joining residents to spruce up neighbourhoods from Whitechapel to Poplar and Mile End.

Strong arm ‘Gentleman Les’ the Whitechapel stallholder swims with stingrays for New Year autobiography 

28 Dec

Gentleman Les Clayden was ‘king’ of Whitechapel market who got through a tough life in London’s East End with ‘strong arm’ tactics.

Hyperlocal & blogs

Imitators Of The Whitechapel Murderer 

20 Mar

Ask most people the question who was the last victim of Jack the Ripper, and the likely answer you would get would be that it was Mary Kelly, murdered on the 9th November, 1888, in Miller’s Court, off Dorset Street, in Spitalfields, East London.

The London Doss House 

16 Mar

The common lodging houses of the East End of London – and in particular of Spitalfields and Whitechapel – play an integral role in the story of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Crossrail art exhibition opens in Whitechapel 

15 Mar

Each of the main stations for the future Elizabeth line will have their own monumental art installations, and a display has opened showing some of them off to the public.

The March 2018 Quiz 

14 Mar

As we enter the third month of 2018 – yes two have passed already! – it’s time for another quiz on the Whitechapel murders and the history that surrounds them If you are an old hand at the quizzes then you’ll know how it all works, so simply ...

Art Capital: Art for the Elizabeth Line at Whitechapel Gallery | Exhibition review 

13 Mar

If you’ve ever wondered about the processes behind a large-scale work of art, Art Capital at the Whitechapel Gallery will give you a fascinating insight.

3x Lamp posts out., 13th March 

13 Mar

3 lamp posts not working north end of Sidney Streer E1 junction with Cambridge Heath Rd Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 313 Whitechapel Road, E1 Report on FixMyStreet...

The Murder Mysteries 

10 Mar

In September, 1889, the discovery of a female torso, beneath a railway arch in Pinchin Street, Whitechapel, led to speculation that, not only had Jack the Ripper returned and struck again, but that he had also changed his modus operandi.

More Ponderings – September 1889 

8 Mar

In September, 1888, Dr Forbes Winslow was being quoted extensively in the newspapers concerning the various theories he was putting forward about the type of person that the Whitechapel murderer might be, as well as concerning his possible motivation...

Men In Female Attire 

6 Mar

One of the many suggestions that were bandied around about ways in which the Victorian police might catch Jack the Ripper was to have men – some favoured police officers for the task, others favoured young pugilists – dress up as women and send ...

Contractors appointed for Tower Hamlets’ £105m new town hall in Whitechapel 

4 Mar

Plans for new town hall in Whitechapel.

Jack The Ripper March 1889 

4 Mar

By March, 1889, the Jack the Ripper murders in the East End of London seemed to have ceased, and the tension that had been so apparent in the district throughout the previous autumn, and over the Christmas period of 188, had begun to ease.

Tickets Alert: The Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race 

2 Mar

Rather than watching rowers in the distance on the Thames, watch two apty named goats race around the Spitalfields city farm for their own goaty fame and glory.

Jack The Ripper Ballads 

26 Feb

One of the points that was frequently made in the newspapers in the aftermath of the later Whitechapel murders, once the infamous “Dear Boss” letter had bestowed the moniker of “Jack the Ripper” upon the miscreant responsible for the crimes, ...

Model Murderers 

24 Feb

Jack the Ripper, and his notorious murder spree, have always been favoured exhibits for waxworks and chambers of horrors.

Coroners Inquests And The Detection of Crime 

22 Feb

It has often been stated that Wynne Edwin Baxter, the Coroner who presided over the deaths into the deaths of the majority of Jack the Ripper’s victims, deliberately drew out the proceedings at those inquests in order to give himself a personal ...

Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World at Whitechapel Gallery | Exhibition review 

14 Feb

When you push through the heavy doors of the Whitechapel to Mark Dion’s exhibition, the first thing that strikes you is the sound of birdsong.

loti eats | flank 

14 Feb

How many of the food units at Spitalfields Kitchens have you worked your way round yet? There’s a great line-up including names you’ve probably heard of such as Breddos Tacos and Dumpling Shack but also some lesser known ones, such as Flank which...

The February 2018 Quiz 

12 Feb

Well, the first month of 2018 has simply whizzed by, and it’s time for the second Jack the Ripper quiz of the year.

Early colour photographs of East London on display 

11 Feb

An exhibition has opened of previously unseen photographs which depict Stepney, Mile End, Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Limehouse and the Thames riverside in the warm hues of Kodachrome film.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. ROLL UP, ROLL UP the FATBERG is in town! 

9 Feb

A lump of congealed human waste seems an unusual object for a museum, let alone one to cause so much… is excitement the correct word? Yet, that’s exactly what’s happened as the infamous Whitechapel FatBerg goes on display at the Museum of ...

Fatberg at the Museum of London 

8 Feb

After the latest fatberg was discovered in London’s sewers in Whitechapel in September 2017 – a 130 tonne monster that covered 250 metres – the Museum of London moved fast.

The Interest In Jack The Ripper 

31 Jan

I question I get asked time and time again in the interviews that I give on the Whitechapel murders is, why is interest in the Jack the Ripper still so prevalent.

Vagrants In Trafalgar Square 

25 Jan

It is always intriguing to catch glimpses of the victims of Jack the Ripper, prior to their acquiring a tragic immortality by being slain by the perpetrator of the Whitechapel murders.

whitechapel grind becomes a restaurant 

23 Jan

The Whitechapel outpost of Grind hasn’t been open a full year yet but they’re already levelling up, adding a proper restaurant offering to the existing cafe and bar.

passyunk avenue to open 

22 Jan

Of all the American-style junk food that’s taken over London over the last few years, The Philly Cheesesteak has, for some reason, been sorely under-represented.

A Salvation Army Hostel For Women 

17 Jan

In February, 1892, a journalist – F.

Schumann Street review: A fascinating musical ‘crawl’ around Spitalfields 

16 Jan

The Spitalfields Music Festival is an annual celebration of innovative music, featuring local and international talent.

Light not working, 16th January 

16 Jan

Junction of sidney street/whitechapel road adjacent to barclays bank, light has been off for weeks.

Reported Capture Of Jack The Ripper 

15 Jan

On Tuesday January 15th, 1889, people woke up to the news that a man, who was suspected of being the perpetrator of the Whitechapel atrocities, had been arrested in Tunis.

The January 2018 Jack The Ripper Quiz 

13 Jan

Greetings, salutations, and a very Happy New year to you all.

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