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Whitechapel & Spitalfields news

Public consultation opens on future of historic Bell Foundry building in Whitechapel 

15 May

A consultation is opening on the future of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry site, where Big Ben and Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell were made.

Award-winning novelist to star at fundraiser for Hackney literacy charity 

30 Apr

Critical acclaim: author Nick Hornby.

Fire destroys two storeys of balconies in Whitechapel blaze 

27 Apr

Balconies on two floors of flats were destroyed in a fire in Whitechapel yesterday.

Whitechapel volunteers raise funds to sponsor their first Syrian refugee family 

26 Apr

Office workers have set up a Whitechapel group to sponsor at least one refugee family from Syria to be resettled in London’s East End with others to follow.

Battle by Spitalfields neighbourhood planning forum to stop developers grabbing last bits of green space 

25 Apr

Neighbourhood activists are campaigning to protect the last bits of green space left in Spitalfields to stop encroaching developers getting their hands on it.

Whitechapel’s Brady Club secrets uncovered in an old attic after 60 years 

24 Apr

Old photographs and memorabilia about the Brady youth clubs that defined the Jewish community in Whitechapel and Spitalfields which lay hidden in an attic for 60 years have been uncovered and are going on show.

Author Azas Konor relives the ‘Battle of Brick Lane’ 40 years after Altab Ali’s murder 

23 Apr

Life has settled for the once-immigrant Bengali community three generations down the road from having faced attacks and murder in the Whitechapel of the 1970s.

What a nerve! New ‘neuron pod’ centre being built in Whitechapel aims to let your imagination ‘run riot’ 

20 Apr

Work has started on a ‘neuron pod’ science learning centre on Queen Mary University’s Whitechapel campus.

Apprentices needed at construction sites in Whitechapel, Canary Wharf and Canning Town 

13 Apr

Apprenticeships are being offered on the building sites in Whitechapel, Canary Wharf and Canning Town for on-the-job training for careers in construction.

Whitechapel unites to stand against Islamaphobia and racism 

4 Apr

More than 200 people linked arms in a human chain in Whitechapel last night in a show of solidarity against racism.

Besieged families plea to Tower Hamlets Council over Whitechapel drug dealers 

28 Mar

Families fighting a losing battle on their doorstep against criminals peddling illicit drugs openly in the streets of Whitechapel are desperately appealing to Tower Hamlets Council for help.

Citizens UK campaigners signs up St Clement’s land trust, Spitalfields forum and a Whitechapel school 

21 Mar

Three more organisations have joined Citizens UK civic network’s east London founding branch at last night’s delegates’ assembly held in Shadwell.

MISSING: Callum Kinsella from Royal London Hospital during treatment 

20 Mar

Police are appealing for information to trace a man missing from the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel.

Landmark children’s Spitalfields mosaic rescued from a skip is restored and back on public display 

19 Mar

A landmark street mosaic made by schoolchildren in Spitalfields 23 years ago that fell into disrepair over the years and ended up in a rubble skip has been brought back to life.

London Tattoo Convention uncovers a skinfull of tattoo art at Old Truman Brewery 

14 Mar

A convention of tattooists from all over the British Isles is being held at east London’s Old Truman Brewery in Spitalfields at the weekend to show the best of the tattoo craft and the art behind it.

Exhibition showcasing Elizabeth Line artwork opens at the Whitechapel Gallery 

13 Mar

An exhibition displaying artwork which will go on the Elizabeth Line is opening at the Whitechapel Gallery today (Tuesday).

Whitechapel children’s theatre scoops award for Brexit play 

7 Mar

A children’s theatre in Whitechapel has scooped an award for its play exploring youth attitudes towards Brexit.

Tower Hamlets gives itself planning permission to turn old London Hospital into its new £105m civic centre 

7 Mar

Planning permission has been given to turn the former iconic London Hospital in Whitechapel into a new £105m ‘super’ town hall complex.

Barnardo charity marks 150th anniversary of first Ragged school in Stepney with old Victorian postcards 

3 Mar

Long-forgotten postcards showing destitute street children in Whitechapel in Victorian times have turned up with the 150th anniversary of the Barnardo charity’s first ‘ragged’ school.

Mental health event helping to find a job is being staged at Whitechapel’s Brady arts centre 

22 Feb

People who have gone through mental illness are telling their story at a Whitechapel employment event about their “journey back into work”.

Whitechapel mosque opens doors for cake and conversation 

20 Feb

A Whitechapel mosque opened its doors to the public on Sunday for Visit My Mosque Day.

Sainsbury’s Whitechapel luxury tower scheme rejected by Tower Hamlets Council for 3rd time 

17 Feb

Developers are squaring up for a battle with Tower Hamlets Council over Sainsbury’s controversial Whitechapel redevelopment scheme.

Construction company Bouygues UK will build new £105m town hall in Whitechapel 

15 Feb

The contract for Tower Hamlets’ £105 million town hall has been handed to construction company Bouygues UK.

TV’s Mark Lane helps turn derelict Whitechapel wasteland into a gardeners’ world for Core Landscapes project 

14 Feb

Gardener’s World TV presenter Mark Lane is helping a new community garden project in Whitechapel used for health rehabilitation after his own recovery from a car smash.

Chief imam of East London Mosque asks coroner Mary Hassell to reconsider religious burials decision 

14 Feb

The chief imam of a Whitechapel mosque has written to a coroner asking her to reconsider her controversial decision not to prioritise religious burials.

Simple flu virus used by Queen Mary University researchers to kill pancreatic cancer cells 

13 Feb

A common little flu virus could be the key to stop the spread of deadly pancreatic cancer after being lab-tested by medical researchers at Whitechapel.

Suffragettes 100: Schoolgirls in Whitechapel say ‘we’re not there yet’ 

9 Feb

Feminism and the fight of the Suffragettes leading to votes for women 100 years ago are still relevant in society, according to today’s teenage girls in London’s East End who are about to go out into the world.

Gardener’s World presenter backs community garden in Whitechapel 

9 Feb

A community garden in Whitechapel has grabbed the attention of Gardener’s World presenter Mark Lane.

Monster Whitechapel fatberg unveiled at London museum 

8 Feb

A chunk of the mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms has been conserved by the Museum of London.

Giant Whitechapel fatberg goes on display at Museum of London 

8 Feb

Part of a giant fatberg found blocking a Whitechapel sewer has gone on display at the Museum of London.

‘Monster’ Whitechapel fatberg unveiled at London museum 

8 Feb

A mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms is on display at the Museum of London.

Hyperlocal & blogs

The Whitechapel Murderer – A Discovery 

23 May

In September, 1889, the discovery of a female torso, beneath a railway arch in Pinching Street, Whitechapel, led to speculation that Jack the Ripper had returned to the area and had resumed his murderous activities.

Exciting Scene 

19 May

On July 17th, 1889, Alice McKenzie was murdered in Castle Alley, off Whitechapel High Street, and the panic and unrest that had taken place in the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper murders the previous autumn resurfaced in the East End of London, and ...

Africa at Spitalfields returns for its sixth consecutive year 

18 May

Africa at Spitalfields returns for 2018.

loti eas | hawksmoor spitalfields 

15 May

Hawksmoor is the daddy of London steak restaurants and its Spitalfields branch is where it all began, way back in 2006.

East End Versus West End 

15 May

One of the many theories concerning the motive behind Jack the Ripper’s killing spree in the East End of London in the autumn of 1888 is that the perpetrator was on a moral crusade to rid the streets of the scourge of prostitution.

The May 2018 Quiz 

13 May

Did you see it? That flash of something moving past with great speed? I am speaking here of the first 5 months of 2018 which have absolutely shot by! But, just as time waits for no one, neither do our quizzes – and so, welcome to the May 2018 Jack ...

Serco workers stage protest at east London hospital 

11 May

Serco workers strike for pay.

Jack’s Back 

11 May

In the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper murders, it is surprising how many people simply could not resist the temptation to put pen to paper and send letters to all and sundry, purporting to come from the perpetrator of the crimes.

free bacon butties at le swine 

8 May

We absolutely LOVE Le Swine, the street food trader famous for serving the best bacon sarnies in town, from an old converted ambulance.

Censored photos from the 1930s to go on display 

7 May

It’s 1930s America, the country is in recession, and photographers are sent out to record what is going on, only to have much of their work censored.

Lawless Limehouse 

7 May

When discussing the Jack the Ripper case in an historical context, there can be a tendency to focus, more or less, exclusively, on the districts of Spitalfields and Whitechapel and ignore the fact that the murders were, in the eyes of the wider ...

Story Of A Whitechapel Victim 

5 May

In early May, 1889, newspapers across the country carried a story concerning the life of Jack the Ripper Annie Chapman, which had been delivered as part of a sermon on the dangers of alcohol by the Reverend John MacNeill at the Presbyterian Church ...

London Public Art: Woman with Fish by Frank Dobson 

3 May

This sculpture at the bottom of the Isle of Dogs is a modern replica of a work of public art that used to sit outside the Cleveland Estate of council housing in Whitechapel.

The Earl of Sheffield Threatened 

29 Apr

From October, 1888, when the authorities released the “Dear Boss, Jack the Ripper” letter, people all over the country – in fact, it is more accurate to say people all over the world – were receiving missives that purported to have been ...

The Execution Of Mr Rat 

25 Apr

A point that was often made during the autumn of 1888, when the Jack the Ripper murders were both fascinating and terrifying the people of Victorian London in equal measure, was that violent crime was an inevitable consequence of the sheer brutality ...

Wonderland At Whitechapel 

21 Apr

The people of East London were certainly not short of entertainment help them while away their leisure time in the late 19th century.

Men With Black Bags 

19 Apr

During early October, 1888 the Whitechapel murderer had acquired two important things, which have remained an intricate part of his persona ever since.

Hairdresser recommendation 

17 Apr

Coco on GL.

A Whitechapel Beauty Show 

17 Apr

There can be little doubt that the citizens of the Victorian Whitechapel were a rough and ready lot – or, at least, a large majority of them were.

sample sale | ally capellino 

16 Apr

If you’re in the market for a new bag, then listen up! British bags and accessories brand Ally Capellino is having a sample sale with up to 70% OFF, including men’s and women’s rucksacks, work bags, travel bags, handbags, satchels, leather ...

The April 2018 Jack The Ripper Quiz 

15 Apr

It’s time for another Jack the Ripper Quiz.

Yuu Kitchen Executive Chef Jon de Villa | #TCTalks Episode 17 

12 Apr

Episode 17 of tikichris Talks has me visiting one of my absolute favourite London restaurants, Yuu Kitchen, for a conversation with its Executive Chef, Jon de Villa.

ISelf Collection: Bumped Bodies at Whitechapel Gallery | Exhibition review 

11 Apr

Over the course of four thoughtfully curated exhibitions, the Whitechapel Gallery has presented selections of work from the ISelf Collection, a private compendium of contemporary art which focuses on personal identity and the human condition.

Saturday Night On Whitechapel Road 

7 Apr

One East End thoroughfare that cropped up time and time again in the newspaper reporting on the Jack the Ripper murders was Whitechapel Road.

Summer dancing 

6 Apr

Summer is the season of long days, sunshine (some of the time) and, of course, outdoor dancing! Our schedule of free outdoor dancing is as hot as ever.

London’s weekly railway news #247 

6 Apr

A weekly round-up of London’s rail transport news… The tale of the “Dead Body Train” at Whitechapel London Underground For a limited time only, a remarkable art exhibition is on display at Euston Square station.

London’s Pocket Parks: Altab Ali Park, E1 

4 Apr

Despite its name, this park is actually a former graveyard and site of a famous church that gave its name to the entire area of Whitechapel.

Horrid Cases From Spitalfields 

3 Apr

Putting the atrocities of Jack the Ripper aside, it is a fact of history that the streets of Spitalfields were filled with numerous dangers for residents and chance visitors alike.

Meet the Food Waste Warriors #1: Rubies in the Rubble 

2 Apr

Pic: Jenny Dawson Costa.

West Ham Opportunity, Circus at Stratford, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Yoga 

31 Mar

Fantastic Opportunity for over 65 to be involved with football West Ham United Foundation and national charity, Friends of the Elderly, are inviting fans of the football club, who are aged 65 and over, to...

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